Track Information On Car Display Is Out Of Sync


I'm streaming music from the spotify app on my android phone via bluetooth to my VW car. The sound is streaming just fine and i can change between tracks on the stearing buttons etc. The track information is shown on the screen in the car.

But the problem is that after the first track i selected on the phone, the track information is delayed with previous track information, so the track sound and track information is out of sync. The track sound playing in the car is the track shown on my phone. But wrong track information is shown in the car. Selecting a track on the app again wil send the correct track information to the car again, but then continues to get out of sync.

Anyone have a solution to this ?


I could say that the track information was shown correct 3 months ago when i used my old Sony Z3 compact Android 6.0 phone with the Spotify app. But on my new Sony - Android 8.0 phone i have this anoying problem.

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We're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, but we really appreciate you letting us know about this. We're always working to make Spotify a better experience. We'd recommend keeping an eye out for updates to the app.


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I have this problem with IOS 14.2 Spotify version - VW System Gol Variant 2016.


It has a solution?



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I change my phone to XPERIA 5 II and everything works now... 


Same issue with my Alfa Giulia (2016) worked fine for 3 months, since 2 weeks doesn't work anymore. 

Clean reinstall and giving all permissiond done


I've been trying Tidal for a week now and it works perfectly!

C'mon Spotify, do something.


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It´s finally works for me!

No updates of HW or SW in the car so it must have been an update of the app. 

I just switched to youtube music ! Plays videos has mixtapes that aren't on bluetooth track issue ..smh

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