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Track Information On Car Display Is Out Of Sync


I'm streaming music from the spotify app on my android phone via bluetooth to my VW car. The sound is streaming just fine and i can change between tracks on the stearing buttons etc. The track information is shown on the screen in the car.

But the problem is that after the first track i selected on the phone, the track information is delayed with previous track information, so the track sound and track information is out of sync. The track sound playing in the car is the track shown on my phone. But wrong track information is shown in the car. Selecting a track on the app again wil send the correct track information to the car again, but then continues to get out of sync.

Anyone have a solution to this ?


I could say that the track information was shown correct 3 months ago when i used my old Sony Z3 compact Android 6.0 phone with the Spotify app. But on my new Sony - Android 8.0 phone i have this anoying problem.

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We're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, but we really appreciate you letting us know about this. We're always working to make Spotify a better experience. We'd recommend keeping an eye out for updates to the app.


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No, I have an older Android phone (Android version 6) with older revision spotify. That works just fine..


To contact Spotify Support click here.

You can send them a link to this thread, so they now the steps you tried to solve the problem.


I have the same issue! any fix?


I have the google pixel 2xl with the latest andriod and spotify... 


No fix yet.

I have been in contact with spotify support and collected some data for them to test. But still no answer or solution from them.  

If you tried to contact them aswell may help to solve the issue


I have the same problem with my Sony XZ Premium on Oreo 8.0, it was ok on Huawei P9 with Nougat 7.0 so I think maybe there's something wrong in Oreo.


Have you tried other similar apps ?

Because on my Sony  with Oreo 8.0, all other apps works fine with track info to the car. Such as Soundhoun. it works with no problem..

Only Spotify that makes trouble.



Yes I tried standard music app and it was working with no problem, so definately problem is with Spotify.


I have the same issue on a Huawei P20, track information from other music player display the current track, but spotify display the last track.


Spotify Version:

Android Version: 8.1.0

Car: Seat Leon 5f - 2016


Having the same issue for awhile. I thought it was my car's radio but seemingly not given all of these reports. Have removed Spotify from apps being optimized in Oreo in the hopes that the delay goes away/is reduced.


I've happened upon a solution that works for me running Android.


Go into the Spotify settings and turn on "Device Broadcast Status" which will "Allow other apps on your device to see what you are listening to"


Perhaps because bluetooth in later versions of Android is its own app this has to be enabled or you get no info. In any case, it works for me and I haven't seen mention of this in the couple of other help issues like this I ran across.