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Track Not Available / Can't Play Current Track

Status: Fixed

I have had this problem for 2 days now, Spotify will not play anything on my laptop, it keeps saying "track not available". I've tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it, I've checked my firewall settings so that is not blocking anything, I've tried to change the playback device, I've tried turning it off and back on again, nothing works. On my phone it plays just fine. Never had this problem until I became a Premium user a few days ago. I don't know what to do anymore

Hi all,


We’ve received news that this should be fixed on most of the devices that were previously reported here.


If, unfortunately, you still experience playback errors on Windows, then this could occur for a number of reasons.


We’ve worked hard to ensure that Spotify will work with a lot of different hardware playback setups. If you’re still unable to play some music on Spotify in Windows, let us know in a new report and we’ll work with you to resolve the issue.


Going forward, could everyone ensure:


  • That you have the latest version of the app
  • That your device’s firmware is fully updated
  • That your connections are stable




Still having this issue also. My whole company is also having the same issue, and now the fix to reinstall the old version means doing so just about every day because Spotify is automatically updating daily. This is crazy that this issue has been going on this long with so many users reporting the same problem. Come on Spotify!  Get your stuff together. 


I am running -


Windows 7 Professional

Service Pack 1


Issue is with the latest version of Spotify, has been happening since February. 


Hey @user-removed!


We're glad to know it's working. Give us a shout if there's anything else we could help out with 🙂


Hey @Kelvandy!


Could you get back to us with the Spotify version you're running?


Just head to Help > About Spotify within the app 🙂




Hey guys!


Our Tech team is working on this at the moment.


Hopefully we'll have a fix soon.


Thanks for your patience!


I'm having this issue as well, it just started today. Multiple reinstall attempts haven't helped.


Windows 7



This is extremely frustrating, as with other users I am a Premium subscriber.


@Laura, version:


Update: So I tried a mess of things that were suggested in this thread; nothing worked. Finally just rebooted the PC; works now. The primary Windows fix for decades, and that's the one I skip.


Hi in my case it was related to the playback device in Windows. Some
software issue between that driver and Spotify. Only Spotify had issues
with this driver. Sound was working in all other applications. Spotify
support handed it over to the development team. However, I managed to get
it back to work again.

When I right clicked the sound speaker in the system tray in Windows and
choose Playback devices, the system told me it detected an enhancement
error and gave me the option of pressing Yes to disable. That did the
trick. My playback device is a headset from Creative Sound Blaster.

This might not work for all, but the issue was in my case related to this

Worth to try in the meantime:


If you have Realtek Audio Driver installed try to uninstall it and then set your your default listening device through Control Panel, also try to turn off Spotify's Hardware Acceleration.


Have the same problem , doesn´t run any track


Using a PC with Windows 7 Ultimate


I have spotify premium and downloades the last version for windows. Problem continues,,,,



Android working well



Will cancel subscription if not resolved soon....






My quest for a refund for the months of inreliable service ended up in the refund of the last payment I made AND the downgrade of all my familiy accounts to "Free" (which I had not asked for). Took that as an invitation to leave Spotify, am on Google Music now. A lot better in many respects, can only recommend it. Playlist transfer is doable, PM me if you have questions on that.