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Track Not Available / Can't Play Current Track

Status: Fixed

I have had this problem for 2 days now, Spotify will not play anything on my laptop, it keeps saying "track not available". I've tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it, I've checked my firewall settings so that is not blocking anything, I've tried to change the playback device, I've tried turning it off and back on again, nothing works. On my phone it plays just fine. Never had this problem until I became a Premium user a few days ago. I don't know what to do anymore

Hi all,


We’ve received news that this should be fixed on most of the devices that were previously reported here.


If, unfortunately, you still experience playback errors on Windows, then this could occur for a number of reasons.


We’ve worked hard to ensure that Spotify will work with a lot of different hardware playback setups. If you’re still unable to play some music on Spotify in Windows, let us know in a new report and we’ll work with you to resolve the issue.


Going forward, could everyone ensure:


  • That you have the latest version of the app
  • That your device’s firmware is fully updated
  • That your connections are stable




No worries @1217154385, we're currently looking into it and we'd recommend checking out this thread. 

As for @sciencenerd69, how did it go with the steps we sent above? We'll be here to help. 


Hi @Mara_F, yes all steps above were tried before I commented.  In windows 10, uninstalling the application deleted all folders you'd mentioned but I confirmed they were removed after uninstall.  I repeatedly tried uninstalling and installing various versions of spotify.  Most recently, I installed version and I can confirm I still get the ""Can't Play Current Track" message.  This typically happens within seconds of the end of the song but I've seen it at the beginning of a song as well.  I don't use local files on the computer I'm having issues with and I don't have computer speakers on this computer so I'm never swithcing between headphones and speakers. I exclusively use headphones.


The error message: "This song is not available. If you have the file on your computer you can import it."  It won't play any songs



When that message usually occours it's because the song file is no longer on the desktop, one solution is to download it again and it should be available afterwords when you play it in local files on Spotify.


Thank you for your reply! I discovers that my computer had problems with many drivers and is in the shop. Thanks for the Info though.