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Tracks skipping to the next track on their own

We've received reports about the Spotify app skipping to the next track in the queue on its own. This seems to affect mostly mobile users and happens with Shuffle mode turned off.

Hey folks,

Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.

We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone! Just make sure your app is updated to the latest version.

If you're still having trouble, make sure to post a new thread in the relevant help board here.



Premium plan, USA, iPhone 8 running OS 15.2.1


I have never been able to use the desktop app because it does not work on my computer for reasons I do not understand (it has never loaded for me even ONCE). I have posted here before about this and it has never solved my problem. As a result, I can only use my iPhone app or the "" browser to use Spotify even though I am a full-paying long-time customer. 


Now the iPhone app isn't working for me either. What's happening to it is something I've never seen before: when I play an album, it keeps skipping the next song(s), as if the album is on shuffle. I have tried restarting the app. I have tried reinstalling the app. My shuffle is DISABLED, my queue has been CLEARED, and the app's cache on my phone is cleared too. It doesn't seem to be an issue on my playlists, just when I try to play album mode, but then when I tried to work around this by adding albums to a new playlist (which is annoying that I would have to do that), THAT DIDN'T WORK EITHER! Now it's skipping random songs in the new playlist. 


And when I play in the "" browser, it's playing songs as they should be played, even in the playlist I created, suggesting that it is not some universal setting in my account (although I looked for one that would do this and could not find one). 


Can you please fix this? Respectfully, I can't listen to the songs I want when I want to, I really see no reason to continue paying for this service. 


Recently upgraded from premium to family premium. Songs are skipping in an album and the app sometimes crashes. I’ve logged out and reinstalled. Never had an issue until the upgrade. Wife’s app on plan has no issues. Any advice?









(iPhone 11 Pro Max)


Operating System

(iOS 15.3.1)


My Question or Issue


The iOS app will play one song all the way through but will skip the next song about 20 to 40 seconds in. This has been going on for about 24 hours now. Tried deleting the cache, uninstalling and reinstalling the app and restarting my phone. My Internet connection is stable. I don't know what else to do to remedy this situation. 


Please advise as soon as possible. Thanks!


I’m also having this problem and have since this morning. Is there any chance you updated your iPhone last night? I did and have been having the problem since the update. Have also tried everything you’ve tried. If I’m listening to an album, mine skips two whole songs instead of going partway through one song and then skipping. I have no idea how to remedy this. I’ve fully cleared my cache and app and am still encountered issues and I have also confirmed that it’s not related to Bluetooth. 

I typically use Crossfade and turning it off did remedy the issue briefly. Otherwise I’m still not sure what to do.


I have the same issues I’ve had premium for years and never had this issue every other dong is skipping every 31 seconds. 


I am experiencing the same issue. In addition to shuffling the album when not desired, the iPhone app occasionally crashes when attempting to load the next track. However, if I play a playlist with songs from different albums, the app functions as per usual.


Update: I disabled crossfade and the app no longer crashes nor shuffles the queue unwarrantedly.


yes me 2! i have had premium for ages and ive just got a new iPhone 13 Pro Max


I have a similar problem, which started yesterday all of a sudden. Super frustrating. I start one song in my playlist, and it plays all the way through, cross-fades (as programmed) into the next song. Then the next songs plays for exactly 30 seconds, and suddenly skips a couple of songs down the playlist - same all over - plays that song, and skips 30 seconds into the next. I have looked at this message board and it appears the question has been asked so many times but with no real answer except 'clear the cache and do re-install'. I have of course done this, but same problem. I hope someone can help asap, please.


I am experiencing the same issue since this morning. If I choose the song it stays but if it goes next, then is 20-30 seconds and skips 2 songs. 
Really frustrating! 

update: remove crossfade and it will work again. It is a workaround until they fix this bug. 


i have the same issue ://