Tracks skipping to the next track on their own

Status: Fixed

We've received reports about the Spotify app skipping to the next track in the queue on its own. This seems to affect mostly mobile users and happens with Shuffle mode turned off.

Hey folks,

Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.

We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone! Just make sure your app is updated to the latest version.

If you're still having trouble, make sure to post a new thread in the relevant help board here.



Hello. I am a premium user. I enjoy listening to albums with my shuffle disabled, but recently I noticed that the order of the album was jumping around and I wasn't hearing the whole album. Particularly, even though the shuffle is disabled (the button is white), spotify will make me jump three songs forward every time. I have tried restarting the app, logging out everywhere and then logging back, deleting the app and redownloading it, I have tried downloading the album to ensure it wasn't an internet related issue, and I have tried listening to the album on my MacBook, as opposed to iPhone (12 IOS 14.8.1) to see if it would help, but it still skips three
songs ahead.


Hi @GwynethC,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community!


We'd like to investigate further. Could you provide us with the version of your Spotify app both on your iPhone and Mac? Also, a short video that shows this behavior in action would be much appreciated.


If you haven't already, try using the Spotify Web Player ( on your MacBook to see if the issue is present there.


Keep us posted on this.



Indeed - removing the crossfade and the problem 'solved'. But adding the crossfade again, and the same issue comes back. I hope it can be quickly resolved.

@alexsooz - thanks a lot for the tip.

Here is a video of the problem that I am having which I think is the same problem. For me it works fine on windows.

I have 8.7.8

Since yesterday, I'm experiencing precisely the same problem on my M1 Mac mini. Currently using Spotify for macOS (Apple Silicon) When I try to play an album, it skips to one of the next songs while Shuffle mode is OFF. Somehow, this problem does NOT occur on Playlists. I have cleaned cache and reinstalled the app twice. Same result. 😔


I have the same problem, but I think it's a pattern on every other song. It's so frustrating! 

I have iPhone XS Max with iOS 15.3.1 with Spotify versjon








iPhone 12

Operating System

latest OS


My Question or Issue

For a few days I have a problem with Spotify—on the iPhone and as well on my desktop.

I like hearing audio book: now, Spotify skips tracks. E.g. I listen to track one. Normally, track two should be played afterwards. Spotify starts this track for a millisecond and then goes to the third track. That track is played normal.


I did already a lot of research and have done a lot of several things, like:

- mobile restart

- application installed new

- tried to listen online / offline (the problem has nothing to do with internet connection)

- log on / off in Spotify

- log off all connected mediums from the Spotify portal


Really nothing works for a few days and I don't understand why - and no, I don't have shuffle mode on or something like. From one day to the next it stopped working.

Furthermore on my laptop I've got the same problem....

Interesting point: when listening in the web player of Spotify it works.


I really hope, someone can help. At the moment, Spotify is almost worthless for me.


1st Addition: The Spotify desktop app (latest version) even crashes when the second track is going to be played...

2nd Addition: Spotify on my windows laptop no crashed about 10 times in one hour. Every time when switching to the next track it crashed. I also installed the Deskopt new, made log outs, etc...



Hello guys,

Every time I play something this is what happen:

song1 reproduces ok, song 2 skips within 30sec, song 3 reproduces ok, song 4 skips within 30secs, and so on and on and sometimes even the app crushes and closes completely

i don’t understand why this is happening




Here too: randomly skipping to the next song while playing. Happened about 10 times last hour. So annoying and I will avoid using Spotify until resolved. 

Env: prod