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Trouble signing up for US Student discount

Status: Fixed




Users trying to sign up for the Premium student discount are seeing the error message "Oops! Something went wrong, please try again."



Additional information:

This is currenty under investigation. For now please get in touch via our contact form so we can help with your account. 




Hey folks, this issue is now fixed. If you're still having trouble signing up for the Student Discount in the US please let us know here. Thanks for your patience while we investigated this for you all.


I recently had the same issue, and because I had used a prepaid card number for a months service before, customer service had to delete my account and create a new one. For anyone else having this issue you might want to contact them and they can help you best that way. Just be patient and they will transfer any playlists you have. 🙂



I recently signed up for the Student Discount. However, I was charged once at the reduced rate and once at the normal rate, and now the reduced one doesn't show up in the receipts in my Account Settings. Is this an error on my part? I tried resigning up for the Student discount, but it is giving me the error "Sorry, you cannot sign up for a student discount while being on Premium" despite the opposite being claimed on the FAQ's. 


Thank you in advance for your help.




Still not fixed! Ridiculous. 


Yep, this is pretty absurd.


Instead of just telling people to "contact support", how about you actually tell us what the problem is and when you think its gonna be fixed?


I've seen countless threads of people complaing about this issue for the past month. Its pretty absurd you guys still havent fixed the issue. So about how you stop making questionable redesigns of the desktop app and instead fix issues that actually need fixing...


Rant over.


Still not fixed as of yesterday afternoon.


On the bright side, they are saving me money.....I wont bother trying to sign up for premium.  


If they cant fix taking my money, what happens if there is a bug in the app/service that needs to be fixed?


I can't even get in touch to fill in a contact form as they say my email is invalid. 



My birthday is coming up in may... As a birthday present I was going to ask for spotify premium. I've loved the free trial and have already added roughly 200-250 songs onto my music. I was wondering if I waited until may to get the premium account, would all my currently downloaded songs get deleted, or would it be at all possible to begin the premium subscription on my birthday and still have all the songs that I've downloaded so far waiting for me?


I have a premium account and was trying to get the student discount applied for future months of my subscription, but when I followed the steps provided here!/article/can-I-get-the-us-student-discount-if-i-have-premi... and logged in, I was told that I cannot sign up for a student discount while being on premium. That seemed to not make sense since those steps I followed were listed under the question "Can I get the US student discount if I have premium?" The message I got when I logged in was an absolute contradiction of what was said in the FAQ forum, so first I'm wondering can I actually get the discount in this case granted I'm eligible? Secondly why does spotify always seem to have these problems whether it be the mobile app, desktop app or the web player? It's such a good fundamental idea executed by people who are morons. 


Status changed to: Fixed