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Trouble signing up for US Student discount

Status: Fixed




Users trying to sign up for the Premium student discount are seeing the error message "Oops! Something went wrong, please try again."



Additional information:

This is currenty under investigation. For now please get in touch via our contact form so we can help with your account. 




Hey folks, this issue is now fixed. If you're still having trouble signing up for the Student Discount in the US please let us know here. Thanks for your patience while we investigated this for you all.


Hey folks, this thread was dealing with the US student discount. An earlier issue with that sign up flow has now been resolved. If you are having trouble with the UK student discount please get in touch via our contact form. Thanks everyone!


It's not exactly obvious which options we should go through regarding UK Student discounts - I can't figure out which sub options I'm supposed to pick and I'm sitting here, willing to buy premium but unable to because Spotify keeps saying "Oops!" like don't give me oops give me premium


Hi I am also unable to apply my nus student discount, getting the 'Oops! Something went wrong, please try again." and have been charged the full subscription fee.  This problem does not to appear to be fixed after all. Thank you

I have tried doing this for over a month now and it is still not letting me do so. All i get is the "Oops! Something went wrong, please try again." still! I bought an NUS card just so i could get spotify but i am fully disappointed with this, especially after reading other threads regarding this issue showing that it is a pretty big ongoing problem. A helpline is seriously needed!

UK student here, experiencing the same issues that have been brought up so far. Getting the error message 'Oops, something went wrong' when trying to get premium when using an NUS card. I have completed a contact form about this issue, however there seems to be a severe lack of information on any possible solutions/what is causing the issue. Frustrated student who wants to use premium with the discount, why advertise if it doesn't work?


I solved the issue by canceling the subscription. Then, I subscribed again and I used UniDays discount which worked this time.


US student here. I cancelled my subscription. Tried re-subscribing using the discount but in vain. Need help. 


Case #02941430

You have to subscribe after you resubscribe and then use the discount. At
least thats what i did.


This is still an issue. I canceled my current Premium subscription as suggested by others. I then tried to sign up for Student subscription by clicking the link on the official page... only to get redirected to this:


I cannot go anywhere from here and it offers the normal 9.99 price. 


I've contacted support. My Case #: 02975121





I have the same issue as Edgar, above:

I tried to subscribe to the family plan whilst a student account to no avail. I cancled my student membership and tried to sign up for the family plan and still gave an error and did not allow me to do so. [It now says in the forum, students accounts cannot get family plans, despite nothing on the offical terms and conditions I printed today.]  I tried to re-enable/subscribe to my student account and gave errors, as well.


Now, I that I want to re-enable my student account the link finally loads; however, like the image above [Edgar's] it gives me to exact same message.  I want to someone to contact me that can help reactivating my student account without having to wait for my premium subscription to expire before begining the process, all over.

Thank you