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Unable to click Notification Dropdown

Status: Closed

OS: Windows 7

Spotify: desktop

Account: Premium




I logged into the application and the notification icon showed I had 5 new notifications. However, when I attempt to click to see the new notifications, the functionality is unresponsive. Those three options on the right are all unresponsive. (Note that my window is maximized). If I double-click anywhere along that pane, the window will minimize or maximize (depending on the current view). At certain points, if I minimized the applications, my username and the user dropdown options were active, but when remaximizing they returned to being unresponsive.


Other interactive links, search field, menu dropdowns appear to work fine, it is just the notification section appears to be for some reason unresponsive.




You can use the Spotify WebPlayer to view your notifications (Bottom Left Corner)


Ditto... reinstall does not work.




Same here. Links inoperative.


I, too, uninstalled and reinstalled, twice now. No fix.


Windows 7, 64 bit. All links in upper right inoperative. Can't see notifications, can't get to settings, can't set to Private Session, none of those links work.


Uninstalled and reinstalled twice, didn't fix the problem.


I just got an update for spotify today and now I'm having the same issue


Same for me - can't click Notifications or anything next to that after today's update.  (If notifications presented the same way in mobile versions as they do in the desktop version, this wouldn't be as impactful. They're always unreliable; but completely inaccessible is, of course, worse.)


I updated it today too and having the same poblem. 


Me too - started after update this afternoon.


Also, sometimes music goes silent despite progress bar showing that music is being played.


Just wanted to add that on my laptop which is experiencing this problem, it seems to be tied to display scaling. The laptop is set to 125%, and I can't use those icons on the right as others have mentioned; but, if I plug the computer into my external monitor, which is set to 100% display scaling, everything works fine.


OS: Windows 10

Spotify Version:


Same. And LOL that the UPGRADE button doesn't work either.