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Unable to find chromecast audio

Since you are always closing issues after asking the same questions again and again, please see prior posts.

Spotify for android doesn't always find the chromecast device, other applications ALWAYS finds it. Restarting spotify helps (sometimes a force stop is needed). This is really annoying and clearly a bug.


Android version is stated in one of the prior posts.

I have restarted, and also changed, the access point.

The problem occurs on two different brands of android phones.

I have no offline playlists.

Removing and installing spotify again doesn't solve the problem.


Please stop trying to delay this issue by asking the same questions again - I do not always have time to answer them daily.


As we haven't heard anything back, we’re going to close this for now 🙂


Status changed to: Need more info

Hey @otie!


Thanks for coming back to us. Just to confirm, have you experienced the same using a different Internet connection? You could try restarting the WiFi router to see if it makes any difference. There's been some updates in the app recently, so make sure you have the latest version.


Keep us posted.


I only have one internet connection to try with. The problem seems to be local, I can play files and Spotify thinks it is connected, but it will not find the chromecast device until one (or a couple) of restarts. Other programs did (Home application and a podcast application).


I've tried restarting the access point (the router works, I can garantee that part), and even changing it to another brand due to upgrading my wifi network, with the same result.


My version at the moment is, there is no more update, and the error was there yesterday evening.


I'm experiencing this issue too.


My setup is:

  • Android 7.1.2 (applied an update from the vendor WileyFox within the last week)
  • Spotify app version
  • Reinstalled spotify app yesterday, which hasn't fixed the problem
  • Happens with two different Chromecasts (both using the lastest firmware) and two different WiFi routers.
  • Other casting apps on the same phone are not affected.
  • Force stopping the Spotify app seems to be enough get it to detect the chromecasts
  • My particular scenario is my house has two WiFi networks (which are on the same physical network) with one chromecast on each wifi network. The problem seems to be that when switching between the two networks the Spotify app doesn't refresh it's view of the chromecasts on the newly connected network. The network names differ only in lettercase.

Hey @otie and @TB29!


Thanks for all the info you've provided.


Just to confirm, are you noticing this only in a home group with multiple cast devices? If so, please check this thread, and let us know if we should merge them together to make one report on this issue.


Keep us posted.


Hi @Alfredo,


No, my chromecasts are operating individually, not in a group. I'm simply switching WiFi networks (well, one goes out of range as the other comes into range).




No, just using a single Chromecast audio device.


Hey @otie and @TB29


Thanks for the info. 


Can you also let us know the Chromecast firmware you're using along with the exact model of the device?


Keep us posted.

Firmware version 1.27.96538

Model RUX-J42

@TB29, thanks for getting back to us with this information.


just to confirm, when switching from one chromecast to the other, do you pause the playback and go back to your phone as the output device before choosing the second Chromecast?


Also, could you try turning your phone's WiFi connection off and back on before switching devices?


Let us know how it goes.


As stated before, I'm using a Chromecast audio, firmware version 1.27.96538.