Unable to find chromecast audio

Since you are always closing issues after asking the same questions again and again, please see prior posts.

Spotify for android doesn't always find the chromecast device, other applications ALWAYS finds it. Restarting spotify helps (sometimes a force stop is needed). This is really annoying and clearly a bug.





Android version is stated in one of the prior posts.

I have restarted, and also changed, the access point.

The problem occurs on two different brands of android phones.

I have no offline playlists.

Removing and installing spotify again doesn't solve the problem.


Please stop trying to delay this issue by asking the same questions again - I do not always have time to answer them daily.


As we haven't heard anything back, we’re going to close this for now 🙂



Hey @otie!


We'd like to take a closer look into this. Could you let us know exactly when did you see this started happening? There's a new Spotify version that's been released recently. Could you make sure you've your Spotify up to date and let us know the version you're using now?


We'll be waiting your reply,

Mixed results. On Monday and today (Friday) I've found it's more-or-less
worked consistently and I've been able to switch between devices without
any great problems. That's whether or not I manually switch to phone
between the two chromecasts.

Yesterday (Thursday) I saw the broken behaviour and it didn't really seem
to matter whether or how I switched devices.

Previously it had been consistently broken, so something seems to have

I will try to give more feedback next week.

Hey @TB29!


Sounds like a plan!


Let us know what you find, we'll be right here waiting.




Lates Spotify, version, running on Oneplus 3 Oxygen OS 4.5.0 (android 7.1.1).

Had the same problem today.

I think I often experience this when coming home, i.e. going from cell to wifi.

Further to my reply earlier today, it's now not working. I don't recall
doing anything different from before, but having selected playback from the
phone I move to the other, upstairs, chromecast and it's not listed in the
available devices (just original chromecast and phone). At this point it
doesn't matter if I bounce wifi, the upstairs wifi is still not an
available device. Google Home shows it at available ("Ready to cast")

Via Google Home I can reboot the upstairs chromecast, but still it's not an
available device in Spotify.

If I reboot the original, downstairs chromecast, Spotify still thinks it is
an available device during and after the reboot.

In this state, nothing short of Force Stopping spotify seems to be able to
get it to detect the upstairs chromecast. On restarting Spotify It then
ages a while to connect to the upstairs chromecast (like > 1 min), but it
does eventually play.

@TB29, Try checking this thread https://community.spotify.com/t5/Ongoing-Issues/Casting-connection-issues-using-multiple-devices-gro....


We've already escalated this issue to the right folks and are looking into it.


@otie, Does the same happen if you pause the playback on the app before switching from data to your WiFi?


Keep us posted.




I am having the same issue, using the latest version of the app, and latest Chromecast firmware. The only way to make Spotify recognise my Chromecast Audio devices is by force stopping the app, and starting it again. Other apps can connect to the Chromecast Audio devices just fine.


Spotify version: armV7

Chromecast audio: 1.27.96538

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S6, Android 7.0


Thanks for letting us know @jthole!


Have you tried restarting the WiFi router to see if it makes any difference? Also, have you reinstalled the app? Is no, here the steps.


Keep us posted.


Spotify is always paused in this scenario.

Either I'm listening in my car, and the music is automaticly paused when opening the door and exiting.

Or I'm not using spotify, but the phone is always connected to bluetooth in my car if that is of any importance, and I'm always using Waze and having the Spotify connection activated in that application.

Same result in both cases, usually in spotify when the wifi is activated after coming home there is no chromecast device to choose from in Spotify until a restart of Spotify.


Same result today, with newest version installted.


@ErikaYes, I tried that (including deleting the app data completely before uninstalling). It doesn't make any difference. As soon as I disable WIFI and enable it again on my phone, I need to restart the app before it sees the Chromecast Audio devices again.


Restarting the router also makes no difference. And why should it? Other apps can find the Chromecast devices without any issue.