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Unable to share music with friends

Status: Closed

Recently I have found out that I am no longer able to share songs/albums/playlists with friends and my friends are unable to do so. Now, when I click 'Share' the only option is to post the song to all my followers, instead of messaging a friend a song. This is a huge annoyance as the feature was very useful for sharing music with my friends. What even is the point of removing it???


Secondly, another issue that has already been reported but is very annoying is that notifications have stopped showing up for new messages a long time ago for no good reason. What's the point of having a messaging system if you don't get notified when you are sent a message? I don't understand why this feature was taken away either.


Both of these issues are making Spotify less convenient than it was and I honestly don't see the point - why would you make people dislike the app more but taking away these kinds of things? I really don't understand. Is there any chance either of these features will return soon?

Hey @tomadashi. Welcome to the community.

Unfortunately, this feature is no longer available. After a lot of consideration this feature has been made unavailable. You can read more about that here. You can leave all your feedback there. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Take care!



@Hubo - Bumping this ticket discussion because the above user never received a response


Why was this feature deprecated? Noone wants to open up an external messenger to share a song.  I have no interest in using the web player, especially as someone who has numerous tabs open, in multiple browsing sessions, every single day of the work week. 


I'm also unable to use the link you posted to read about why the feature was removed.  I get a  message saying I don't have access to the information.