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Unable to stream on Apple Watch

Hey folks,


We're receiving reports that users who previously had the option to stream on their Apple Watch are unable to do so. In a lot of the cases this seems to come up when the setup includes AirPods.


If you’re experiencing this issue, make sure to add your +VOTE and follow the instructions in the Status Update below.


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Hello everyone,


We've been passing on your details to our developers and they have already rolled out several improvements to fix the experience reported. 


While the number of new reports seems to have dropped significantly since updates to both the Spotify app and watchOS in the last couple of months, we are aware that some users do still experience issues streaming directly from their Apple Watch, but our tech teams weren't able to reproduce it and this seems to be affecting specific devices or setups, so we're unable to find a solution remotely.


A common solution that we see has been reported working is to do a factory reset on the Apple Watch and add it back as a new watch vs. restoring a backup.


Also, keep in mind that the built-in speaker in the watch cannot be used for music playback by Spotify and you’ll need to have headphones connected to the watch via Bluetooth.

We hope this helps. If you still need a hand, you can start a new topic in the relevant help board, including all the steps you've tried so far and the outcome, and we'll take it from there.

I'm having the same problem as @solielw, have attempted the same troubleshooting steps, and no, the apple watch is not showing up in the connect list on my phone, or any of my other devices.

Hey @Clementine92,


Thanks for posting here 🙂


Just to double-check - are both devices connected to the same WiFi when you try using Connect?


If they are, could you share with us the exact OS version on your watch and the app version that is running on your iPhone? We'll look into this further.


Keep us in the loop! We'll be right here if you have any questions.


@Clementine - I don't think they have an actual solution. Been going in circles seems consciously.


Hey @Var - the AirPods and Apple Watch work fine with everything else, with all apps., I can stream Audio from the watch into my AirPods without the iPhone with other audio apps like Apple Music, radio, podcast etc and my AirPods connects fine with all other devices (MacBook, iPad, Apple TV, iPhone).


"Could you let us know if you're able to find the watch in the Connect list of your phone and control the music like this?"

@Navy. - read my first messages and the photo I attached and you'll see I answered already about this? No I do not see the watch on the connect list .

But I when I press play on Spotify on my watch it does control the Spotify on the phone and audio only plays through iPhone.

But thats not what the issue is!


Also, there is no place in the Spotify phone app that says "CONNECT LIST"

I go to Settings then to Devices - is this where you say the Watch should appear??????????????????????????????????



Do you actually have a solution and does Spotify actually work on its own with the iPhone or not by using the cellular data from the Watch?

Because Spotify just doesn't play at all (with AirPods or not) when trying to stream without iPhone in vicinity and just using the watches data package.





Hi again @solielw,


Thanks for bearing with us.


The Connect list we were talking about is the one that shows all available devices to connect to when tapping on the Connect icon .


We can confirm that it's possible to stream directly from the Apple Watch without your iPhone. Could you try unpairing it from your phone, resetting it, and pairing it again?


Let us know how it goes.

@CarlosE - yes I did say in my earlier messages that on the iPhone Spotify app in the Connect List the Watch does not appear and also included a photo to make sure you saw this.

Are you suggesting for me to unpair/repair again - I already did it twice before?

RESETING: are you suggesting I reset the Apple Watch entirely to factory settings, now for the second time (I already did that once)?


Spotify Premium




(iPhone 11 Pro Max IOS 14.5, Apple Watch Series 5 Cellular OS 7.4)

Operating System

(iOS 14.5, Watch OS 7.4, Spotify Version 8.6.22 and before)


The problem appeared since a few weeks, before it works perfect. Cellular Streaming without iPhone on Apple Watch with Airpods Pro no longer works after a pause (> 10 seconds). Error Message "Something went wrong.." --> (in german) "irgendwas ist schief gelaufen" as attached Error Message. If you pause only a few moments the music streaming than the problem does not occure, only having a pause longer than 10 seconds triggers this problem.


Cellular streaming after a pause wont start again, choosing again Apple Watch device selection will provide the error message. Apple Watch device selection still remains in white (not green).


The problem already exists before iOS 14.5 & Watch OS 7.4. 



Restart Apple Watch

Reset Spotify App (play button remains grey) on Apple Watch & Switch Cellular off/on


The following things have already been tried:

Spotify Clean install

Restart Apple Watch, iPhone

Spotify User sign out / restart sign in

removed Apple Watch (all other devices) from my account page 

Install Apple Music & try cellular streaming with having a pause longer 10 seconds to have a proof that not my hardware causes this problem or my cellular provider (LTE from O2). AM cellular streaming works without any problems.


Hi there @badticket,


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community.


First up, we suggest that you unpair your watch from the headphones and smartphone. After that, perform a clean reinstall of the Spotify app again on your iPhone following these specific steps and pair the devices them again.


It's also a good idea to check for any possible firmware updates for all devices in your setup. That way you can make use of all released fixes and improvements.


You can also find some more useful info on how to use Spotify with your Apple Watch here.


Keep us posted on how it goes.


Dear all,

I think I've done very many clean & reinstalling things... only I'll not unpair my watch from the iPhone. Why should the cellular function should need an unpairing from my iPhone when Apple Music cellular runs without any problem.


From my side I did several things to point out that the problem come from the recent Spotify version... 


Can anyone please test this once ? (PLEASE !!! )


Is Cellular streaming is still running after a pause >= 10 seconds on your Apple Watch ?


If Spotify will stop working cellular streaming for me....  I'll have to switch to Apple Music. But I really don't like the AM music recommendations from AM... therefore I wouldn't really like this step... 😞









Hey @badticket


Thanks for your reply. 


We understand where you're coming from. However, we'd like to try a few more things just to cover the basics. 


If possible, could you give it a try using a different account to see if you notice the same behavior?


Let us know how it goes so we can continue investigating. 


Hey @solielw


Thanks for bringing this to our attention and for the troubleshooting steps you've tried so far. 


We've passed this info to the right teams who will take a closer look at this.


If anything else comes up, don't hesitate to let us know.