Unable to use Spotify Connect with Hama 3100

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Device: Hama 3100


Operating System Version: N/A


Spotify Version: Any



i've a premium account

I'm not able to use spotify connect to listen my music using my Hama 3100 device. The device works well and until some weeks ago also the spotify connect feature works well


To reproduce:

  1. Put Hama in Spotify Mode. A message "press play" appears
  2. Start spotify on pc or ipad or samsung galaxy s6
  3. Try to connect to Hama.
  4. The most of attempt fails, sometime, in random situation the hama starts to play the song. Often with a big lag (i press play on ipad and the song starts or stops after 30 seconds)
  5. Sometimes the spotify client on pc/ipad/s6 disconnects from device with the weird results of having two different devices playing two different songs!




Additional information:





I think that you have the same problems that a lot of other "Spotify Connect" users.


So now we can add "Hama" to the list (already including Denon, Pioneer, Marrantz, ...)


No answer yet from spotify since mid-november when the issue re-appeared. (We already had the same problem in august)




Thanks for reply.

My question is: is it a spotify issue or a device issues?

Have they changed the connect protocol so the devices needs some firmware update?


Anyway my little small solace is due to know that it's not a problem only of my own device.

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Hey @Pidigi


Can you confirm the version of your device firmware? 


We'll take a little look at this see what we can do. 

deleted - sorry


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