User Stats not Showing in Heardle

Hey everyone!

We've been receiving reports that you're not seeing your previous Heardle stats or streak data. This has been reported to the right folks and is being investigated 🙂

Hey folks!

While this is being investigated, we'd like to ask you to try heading to the original URL first ( This should automatically redirect you to the Heardle page.

If after trying this you still cannot see your stats, data or streak info, we'd like to ask you for the following details:

  1. Device (model/make) and your browser type
  2. Troubleshooting steps tried
  3. A screenshot of the issue (optional but appreciated)

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LG V600

Operating System

Android 12

My Question or Issue

I have been playing Heardle every day for months. Today, I log on to play, and Spotify now owns Heardle. Yay! Good for Heardle and the creators. I click on my stats. They are gone. Pop-up says, "Missing old stats? Go to and we'll transfer it for you." I click on, and it redirects me to Stats aren't there. Boooooooo.


Exact same problem. Not only that, but without even giving me any guesses it immediately said I got today's Heardle in 16 seconds. I would've got it in 1!!!. Thanks for messing up my stats! Not that I can actually see them...


Hi there @wolf8girl,


Thank you for taking the time to post in the Community. We'd like to take a closer look into this.


Can you provide us the following:

  • Device (model/make) and browser type
  • Troubleshooting steps tried
  • Any screenshot if applicable

We'll keep an eye out for your reply.


Take care 🙂


Same thing happened to me 😞 


Likewise. I keep cycling between my empty stat page and the heardle home page. It changes too quickly to take any screenshots. 


Hi @Nica24 and @Stay_rich,


Would you mind providing the information I asked for in my reply above? Once I have that information I'll be able to pass it over to the right team.


Cheers 🙂 


Hi @Jeremy,


I'm using a Samsung S22 Ultra using Chrome. Clicked the link on the site a bunch of times, even in a different browser. Still the same result. Page changes too quickly for a screenshot. 


I have the same problem on an iPhone. The link just makes me circle round and round 


Same problem on iPhone. What a bummer.


Hey folks, 


Thanks for your posts. 


@Stay_rich, thanks for the info you've sent. We've passed it on to the right team who's currently investigating this. Hopefully we'll have a fix soon!


@MilesPap01 and @LaurenES, would you mind sending us the info @Jeremy asked for previously?

We'll be on the lookout.