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Users unable to apply Student Discount from the SheerID confirmation email

We've received reports from users who can't apply their student discount from the SheerID confirmation email after being successfully verified. The webpage shows a 404 error: "This page no longer exists."

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We're happy to announce that this should now be fixed for everyone!


If you're still having trouble you can post a new thread in the relevant help board here.


Cheers 🙂


You're verified!


We verified that you're enrolled in an accredited college or university, which means Premium for Students is but a few clicks away. Go back to Spotify to complete your purchase.

Get Student Discount
Yet I'm not able to reach to get my discount

Current Plan

Free (end of 3 months of free trying : tomorrow 06/03/2024 in dd/mm/yyyy)




Redmi Note 10 Pro 2021


My Issue

I can't achieve to activate the Premium Student Plan, even after having been verified by SheerID.

I receive the verification confirmation mail by SheerID, but when I clicked on the button, its leads me first on the registration page, which is working, then on a 404 Page "This page no longer exists."


I tried :

  • With a different internet connection
  • With a different device
  • With a different browser
  • With the incognito mode

I checked the followings :

  • My account is registered in France
  • My registered credit card is up to date
  • My informations are correct

It would be a pleasure not to pay 10.99 x)


Having same issue in here. After selecting the verified account, I'm redirected to: This page no longer exists.

Doğrulama onaylanmasına rağmen mailden girdiğimde bu sayfa artık yok sorunu yaşıyorum


Olá, Fui aprovada para o desconto de estudante, porém ao fazer login( próximo passo para a assinatura) entra em uma página de erro.

Oi, tudo bom?


Minha primeira sugestão é que você tente de novo usando outro navegador. Geralmente o Chrome com janela anônima funciona!


Tenta aí e me fala.


Having same issueEEEEEE, This page no longer exists.




buenas noches me llego el correo cuando no me encontraba en casa. estaba en mi facultad.. tengo el correo que me verificaron con exito y en el boton de obtener oferta.. al presionarlo me sale que verifique si es mi cuenta de spoti, al confirmar carga y sale un cartel que la pagina ya no existe.. intente volver a verificar que soy estudiante pero me dice que ya pedi una oferta.. necesito ayuda por favor


soy de argentina tucuman.


el plan que al presionar obtener oferta me dice error de link es el plan estudiante


Same here. After verification and using the link from the email it shows page no longer exists.