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Users unable to cancel their subscription

We've received reports that users are unable to cancel their subscription on their own - the Cancel button doesn't appear to do anything.


This is being investigated.

Hi everyone,


Our tech team have confirmed that the issue should be resolved. If you continue to face issues managing your subscriptions, let us know in the Help section. 




Hi I have Spotify on an email that I lost access to and regaining access is not possible at all and I have premium on that account and I am trying to cancel it. Is there a way to get it cancelled through Spotify. I would appreciate any help at all. Thank you in advance. 



Hey @DsWT23-45 ,


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I recommend reaching out to Support so that they can try to locate your account:


Hope this helps 🙂


I cannot cancel my premium because the button "yes i want to resign" is not working, i tried multiple browsers. Anyone knows how to fix this issue?



Hey @Dark123 ,

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Have you tried it on another device yet? If not, please give it a try 🙂

The link to unsubscribe to premium account is not working

I have the same problem, I tried cancelling on multiple devices, using different browsers and still the cancel button is not working. I have been trying to cancel my subscription unsuccessfully for a couple of days now.


My billing date is approaching and because of this, I will be forced to pay for another month. This is outrageous! 

Is there someone here who can help me??? If not, where can I file an official complaint? 
I am truly shocked that as a user I have technical obstructions to cancel a service?! How is this even allowed?


Good afternoon, my name is Liza. I want to cancel my premium subscription and delete all my card details, but the buttons on the cancellation page don't work (they don't go to the cancellation form or anywhere else). Please help me cancel my subscription and delete my payment details, thank you


I have the same problem. Already have tried different browsers and os's.


Ho lo stesso problema.


hey maddhatterr, I had the same issue. 


The button "Yes, I want to unsubscribe"  was getting clicked but nothing happened. 


I've found an alternative that seems to work: contact customer support and  mention you want to unsubscribe from Premium from your current account, and it should be done. I hope this helps!