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Voice search on Android doesn't play songs (Google Assistant AND Google Now)

From a few months ago, playing songs through google now or google assistant does not work.
You can say "play [Artist name] on Spotify" and it's going to play it, you can also say "play [Album name] on Spotify" and it's going to play it, but if you use "play [song name] on spotify" it's just going to open the Spotify app and stop there, it won't search for the song and play it like it used to.


As far as I can tell, Google Now/Assistant are sending correct intents to the Spotify app, but the app is not interpreting it correctly.

I am attaching the screenshot from the Google Now app as well.


I have confirmed the issue on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 running Marshmallow, as well as Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, Samsung Galaxy S4 and LG G5.


This might not seem like a big problem but it really is, inability to play songs without typing while driving, running or doing whatever is a real problem, and what makes it even worse is it was working without a problem in the past.

It's making me reconsider my music streaming service, and I am a premium user.


I'm available for any more information you may need.




Hey guys! 


It seems we didn't receive a reply. We're setting this as "Closed" in the meantime. 

Feel free to give us a shout if the issue persists.
Happy Holidays 🙂 

Hey everybody! Thanks for the info.


Can you make sure that you have our latest app version installed on your devices (7.1.0)?


Let us know if this helps. 


Hey sebaspantoja, after some quick testing, I can confirm it works much better now on 7.1.0. All individual songs that I requested now play correctly. However, it seems to have introduced a separate issue that (I believe) worked before 7.1.0. That is, it doesn't seem to handle album requests at all anymore. If I give google assistant the request "Play the album Cataclasm by Crywolf on Spotify", it appears to parse the command as a spotify search for "cataclasm crywolf". While this correctly brings the album up as the top result, it then chooses to skip this, and play the first available Song from the search results which is one from the middle of the album. And this fails even more when the album name shares the name with a song, or when it is a self-titled album. (for example, asking "Play the album xx by the xx on spotify" results in playing the most recently released song by the xx, even though the requested album was released in 2009.) Now I realize full well that this functionality would be much harder to code versus simply passing a google assistant request as a simple search, but just wanted to bring it to light. In any case, thank you all for fixing the initially reported bug! The ability to request music handsfree on the fly is wonderful to have. (:


Hey again! 


Thanks for getting back to us with that info 🙂


In this case, please make sure you have the latest version of Spotify. Also, we'd recommend trying a different WiFi connection to see if it makes any difference. 


Hope to hear from you soon. 






I don't believe resetting software will fix a software bug


I have the same problem with spotify not able to properly accept commands or play a playlist


Thanks for getting back to us, @katmando!


If resetting the network and reinstalling the app didn't work for you, can you let us know if you get the same results using a different network or another account?


Keep us posted.

Status changed to: Closed

Hey guys! 


It seems we didn't receive a reply. We're setting this as "Closed" in the meantime. 

Feel free to give us a shout if the issue persists.
Happy Holidays 🙂 

This kind of ignores fixing the problem when you ask me to jump thru hoops.


Whens obviously an app-feature and development issue


Same issue here with android 7.1.1 (Nexus 6P) and Spotify For me vocal commands not work at all. For example i activate google now with the physical button on my headphones and say "Play this song/artist" google now replies "Ok, i'm playing", but the spotify app doesn't play any music...until i unlock the device.


Moto G4 Plus, same issue.


FIX THIS!!!!!!!! It's been almost 6 months since this issue started?! Have you fired everyone or what? Just tell us if you can't/wont' fix it!! Very unhappy with Spotify right now.. Why did you kill RDio?!! :'(