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Voice search on Android doesn't play songs (Google Assistant AND Google Now)

From a few months ago, playing songs through google now or google assistant does not work.
You can say "play [Artist name] on Spotify" and it's going to play it, you can also say "play [Album name] on Spotify" and it's going to play it, but if you use "play [song name] on spotify" it's just going to open the Spotify app and stop there, it won't search for the song and play it like it used to.


As far as I can tell, Google Now/Assistant are sending correct intents to the Spotify app, but the app is not interpreting it correctly.

I am attaching the screenshot from the Google Now app as well.


I have confirmed the issue on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 running Marshmallow, as well as Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, Samsung Galaxy S4 and LG G5.


This might not seem like a big problem but it really is, inability to play songs without typing while driving, running or doing whatever is a real problem, and what makes it even worse is it was working without a problem in the past.

It's making me reconsider my music streaming service, and I am a premium user.


I'm available for any more information you may need.




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Feel free to give us a shout if the issue persists.
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Please reopen this thread. The are multiple threads with the same discussion, and will over 50 users asking the same question.

When we use Android voice commands to play a song through Spotify, the app opens and searches that artist but won't play. This worked fine a few months ago. Please work with Google to fix this or we will use other services that are better integrated (Google Play). I'm running Spotify on a Pixel.

@FabianS_Bogota @Monica_L (or any other moderators!)


This is *STILL* a problem.  Samsung S7 on Android 7.0 Nougat with latest spotify.  I am a paying spotify premium customer.  Quite frankly this is horrible customer service.  I have now moved over to Google Play Music as it has much better integration and doesn't have stupid bugs like this one. This is such an important feature, being able to play music on my bike, in my car and when I'm sitting on the couch etc.  FYI you have now lost myself, and many others as *paying* customers.

I'm on Google Play Music now for the same reason and quite satisfied. No
reason to pay for Spotify when they eliminate key features such as voice

Still having this same issue. Seriously considering leaving Spotify all together. This is a continued problem that they don't really seem to care about fixing.


This still isn't fixed. All ok google on Android (7) does is open the Spotify app, it doesn't play anything. Please fix or I'll have to leave Spotify for Google music


It worked 12 hours ago for me. Now it doesnt. What the f is going on?


I want to be clear if this doesnt work with google assistant I will be cancelling my spotify 


Yeah, I have the same problem, Samsung galaxy A5 2017. Playing albums or artists work fine, but not artists. So its got to be on Spotify to fix it, not google


Same issue here, on google pixel 2 running Android 8.1 and Spotify version I ask assistant to play a song, it opens Spotify but on main home page, doesn't play song or show artist page. It was working fine a week ago. 


It still persists..