Volume control doesn't work with Sonos





Device iPhone 7

(iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy 9, Macbook Pro late 2016)

Operating System

(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.) iOS 12.3


My Question or Issue

This problem started only recently. Despite being able to control the Sonos volume from the Sonos app slider, I can't use the Spotify slider to control it accurately. It is delayed and then slides back and forth on its own, fluctuating the sound. I can't use the hardware volume control for either Spotify or Sonos. This happens whether I have the Spotify app open only or both the Spotify and Sonos apps.

THIS HAPPENS ONLY WHEN I AM PLAYING SPOTIFY THROUGH SONOS. If playing Spotify alone on my iPhone it works fine, with either the app or hardware volume controls. Same with using only Sonos.

I have the proper settings on for integrating Spotify and Sonos. Also to allow hardware volume control through my phone app. None have been charged from when this all worked. I've used both apps for years. This has never happened before.

I am using an iPhone 7, running iOS 12.3.


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This has been occurring for two years now. How hard is it to fix volume state management across Spotify/Sonos? 

Occurring on iPhone 11 Pro, iOS 14.4.2, Spotify 8.6.22.


Sonos firmware is up to date on all connected speakers.


As with the other contributors to this thread, the volume works flawlessly from within Sonos, but responds erratically from Spotify, sometimes not updating at all, or going up very slowly and then bursting. 

Do you have a digital twin representation of the Sonos devices, with an expected state? Do you properly debounce the state between what is expected and what is being reported back from the Sonos API? This behaviour can only come from sloppy programming.




Similar problem here. I used to have the crazy volume problem, but that went away for me quite a while ago.

Now, starting about a month or two ago, Spotify app looses the ability to control Sonos volume after a few minutes. If I swipe-close the Spotify app and re-open it, volume control is restored, but, again, only for a few minutes.


  • iPhone 8 and iPhone 11,  iOS 14.4.2
  • Spotify version
  • Open Spotify. (Sonos app has not been activated.) Set output to a Sonos speaker. Play some music. Note that the volume control works. Wait 10 minutes. Note the volume control is operative, but does not change the Sonos' volume. Swipe close the Spotify app. Music continues to play. Reopen the Spotify app, note that the volume control is working properly. Process repeats..

Still the issue persists after all this time. Spotify - please can you tell us if you can reproduce the problem?