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Volume not saving

Whenever I go onto the web player on spotify, it automatically goes up to 100% and blow my ears up. I keep having to turn the volume down to the loudness I want.

Hey @aviee227,


Thanks for all the information and the time you've taken helping us to investigate this. We've been in touch with the tech folks and can confirm that this is expected behaviour when using the web player. To maintain familiar control over your music settings we'd recommend using the desktop or mobile app. 

We've made sure to pass your thoughts on, so your feedback will be sure to reach the right folks.


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Hey @aviee227! Welcome to the Spotify Community!

That's not cool! Could you let me know what browser and OS versions you're using? Also, do you have any plugins/addons that could interfere with Spotify? Let me know! 🙂


Have a great day!


Browser: google chrome, version 58.0.3029.110

OS: Windows 10


Plugins: uBlock, LastPass and momentum. I don't know if any of these interfere.


Thanks for the info @aviee227.


Can you try deleting the cache and cookies of your browser or opening the web player with an incognito window?


Let us know if this makes a difference. 


It did not make a difference.


That's odd. 


Do you have the same issue while using the desktop application? We'd recommend using a different computer to verify if you have the same issue with the volume.


Let us know if it makes any difference 🙂


The volume saves on the desktop application, its weird how its not saving on web version. I guess I can just use the desktop version from now on.


Thanks for all the help 🙂


That's great to hear!


In the meantime, we'd recommend using the desktop application. Also, could you use another computer to see if you have the same issue on the web player?


We'd like to make sure everything is fine.


I unfortunately do not have another computer, only a phone but that saves the volume fine.


Thanks for letting us know.


If possible, could you log in to the web player using a friend's account and let us know if it happens the same?


Take care 🙂



The volume doesn't save on my friends account either. However for her, it saves.