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[WP] Shuffle playback, order resets

Status: Closed

Device: Nokia Lumia 930


Operating System Version: Windows Phone 8.1


Spotify Version: 5.1.5529.26509


Description: When using random playback the order of the songs are lost if the player is paused for a while. The song played and the position in the song is rememberd but the randomized order are not. So even if I have a large playlist there is a great chance that I get to hear a song that just played a while ago.


To reproduce:

  1. Select a playlist and choose Shuffle play 
2. Pause music and open Play Queue. Note the order of the upcoming songs
3. Leave the music in pause for a while (about 5 minutes is usually enough)
4. Open Spotify again and open the play queue. Either the play queue is in a different order or it will be empty. Starting playback will populate the queue again but in a new order.





Additional information:




Same problem. Jumps out of playlists to other playlists. Just started happening. 

Status changed to: Closed

Hey @Taurus42 and @Seanski,


Welcome to the Spotify Community.


When exactly did it start happening?


Can you try to reinstall Spotify following these steps?


Let us know if it helps. 





Nope. Stil the same issue.

It has been this way for a long time. At least from when the version with updated GUI came out. Probably before that as well.


This happens every time music has been paused for more than ~5 minutes. If you press on a volume button the volume controls appear and if there's a player loaded it also shows track info and playback controls. After about 5 minutes in pause the player unloads and track info/playback controls are no longer accessible (this does not happen with Xbox Music by the way). At that moment I fire up Spotify again and resume playback and the play queue has changed order. Totally anoying.

Status changed to: Closed