[WP8] App crashes when scrolling playlists

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Scrolling down the playlist view the app will crash

Happens on the HTC 8S and Nokia Lumia 920


Additional information:

This can also happen when selecting a track in any playlist

This seems to be a legacy issue from WP7



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OK, so here is my Nokia Lumia 920 OS version: 8.0.9903.10



HTC 8S OS version 8.0.10211.204 (WP8)

I have the same problem. It happened on the WP7 version as well.
I have a lot of playlists (+100 perhaps), many of them automatically made from local file playlists. I wonder if this has anything to do with it.
Unfortunately it makes Spotify Premium useless to me. So I won't be continueing if it isn't fixed. 
Nokia Lumia 920
OS Version: 8.0.10211.204
Firmware Revision Number: 1232.2110.1244.3011

As this has been open for a while and we haven't received many replies I'm checking in to see if this is still happening.


Hi Per,

Yes it most certainly is. I tried various different ways to open the app. But it always crashes when viewing my long list of playlists.


The problem now is that I have downgraded my Spotify subscription from Premium to Unlimited. As you can imagine, no one could justify extra cost for an app that doesn't work. This means, if the app is updated I will have no way to test. So please tell me when it is definitely solved for the benefit of  Windows Phones users and Spotify's Premium subscription figures!

I'm having this issue also. They just barged my bank account yet I haven't been able to use the service for the past three days.

Posted about this in the help forum: http://community.spotify.com/t5/Help-Other-Partner-Devices/WP8-Palylists-crashes-every-time-on-Lumia... Tried the un-install without success. 


And that's Lumia 620 8.0.10211.204.


It also seems that the latest version( v0.9.0.1290g6978...) CRASHES  when searching for and then playing anything by p-funk, or parliament-funkadelic.


It's a truly bizarre bug.


Hi Per, congrats to the team for getting the Windows Phone 8 app out of beta. As you know, I can't test it as I've already used my free 30 day trial. Any chance of a 2 day Spotify Premium trial code so I can test v2.0 of the app with my account?


Any users who had this problem previously and have tried the v2.0 could you let us know your experiences? 


As I said before, I want Spotify to take my money, I just need to know I'll be getting the service I signed up for. 




just tested the Bug out on the update and it never crashed once.