[WP8.x] Ignores "Download over 2G/3G" Option

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Spotify will sync offline tracks over mobile network even with "Download over 2G/3G" turned off.


To reproduce:

  1. Select "Download over 2G/3G" to off in Settings, Spotify will say it is in offline mode.
  2. Select a playlist to be Available Offline.
  3. Spotify will download the playlist using mobile data.


Sync over WiFi only.


Additional information:

If you are experiencing this issue, could you please post:

  • Your Spotify App Version
  • Your Windows Phone Version
  • Your Device
  • Your mobile network operator (is this operator a Mobile virtual network operator?)



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Hi, I have this issue. Spotify is eating my dataplan even if the otpion "stream over 2G/3G" is off


Spotify version: (great update by the way)

WP version: 8.1 (8.10.14203.306)

Samsung Ativ S

Swisscom (Switzerland)


It only appeared with last update V5.


Thanks for solving the issue!


Status changed to: Closed

Hey folks, we haven't had any other reports of this happening for users. We're closing this for now but please let us know if you experience this on your device. Thanks!




I do confirm the issue on a Lumia 930. Actually, it's worse..I have to confirm the issue for my phone and the Lumia 930 of my wife as well.


The problem I see is, that eventhough, we use 4G connection with no data limit, SPOTIFY acts as it would be OFFLINE (which is wrong considering that with 4G datastreaming is no issue itself and must not be interpreted as OFFLINE I think.)


Help would be apprechiated.


BR, Alex

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