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Web Player is stuck at Connecting to spotify stage

After working fine since getting the Chromebook a year ago, today the web player won't connect to Spotify.


I've cleared my cache, deleted cookies, logged in and out, restarted the browser and it still wont connect.


Help needed.




Yes! I am right there with you. Using GalliumOS on a chromebook as well, won't load anymore - not in Chrome, not in Firefox. I updated my location settings, even filled in my zipcode, deleted cookies and history, tried incognito browsing. No juice! 


Desktop client still works, but would prefer to use webplayer. 



Same problem here, tried everything l0n3l0b0 described to no success. Will try restarting the router later...


edit: Restarting the router did not help either.


Same here, I guess it's a global thing.


Same problem here, I tried every solution I've found on the Internet. I've restarted my browser,  deleted my cache and cookies, checked if it was a firewall problem, verified that the country in my profile was correct (and clicked "save" anyways to see if it worked). Nothing has worked for me. HELP PLEASEEE!!!


me too !! 

ive looked up solutions and and have done everything thats been suggested but no luck 😞  


Thankfully, I'm not alone! I've had this problem since earlier today. I've since tried every possible fix I could find online, but without result...


I have the same problem here, in the UK. Have restarted computer, tried different browsers, nothing works.


Same problem for me - hope they sort out before NYE!



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Hey all! 


This issue is being investigated by Spotify. Keep an eye out on this thread for updates. I'll be closing this one up, you can leave your comments in the other thread.


Happy holidays! 🙂

Status changed to: Closed