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Web Player skips every song on playlist

Web player skips every song in playlist on Internet Explorer. Desktop app, android and iphone all work just fine. Ive cleared cache and cookies, logged out and back in, restarted router and laptop....any other suggestions

Thanks for all the info, guys. 


The new version of the Web Player is only available in Chrome and Firefox, so if you open the player from a different browser, it'd load the old version which might not work properly since we're moving into a new version.


We thank for the feedback and don't worry, we'll make sure it's passed on to the right team! 


Let us know if you have more doubts 🙂


I'm having issues on Firefox as well. Won't play ay songs and just scrolls through the playlist one by one for about ten seconds each.


Nice to know im not crazy but sucks it's not working...maybe they will dig a little deeper since more than one browser/person is having issues. 

Getting can't connect to Spotify error as well. Also, when I first try to
play, the song tray on the right will only partially load.

I've been having the same issues as both of you on Internet Explorer today. I have switched to Firefox (where I have the "new" open.spotify web player) and that is working properly. Of course, that web player doesn't let you use and is worse in every way so I would like to be able to get IE working again as well.


Thanks for keeping us posted!


@MamaMahomie1 Could you try to copy your playlist into a new one and check if this is still happening?


Also, @anthmiranda and @SpotifyUser53 could you let us know what version of your browser are you using? 


We'll see what we can suggest. 


Same thing here skips every 10sec on Internet Explorer. I hope it gets fixed soon.


IE10 - IE11 same problem


Same problem! Just skips all songs in webplayer in both IE11 and Firefox. Problem started yesterday.


it keeps skipping even when it says "trying to connect to spotify"


same issue here too.  very frustrating.