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Web Player skips every song on playlist

Web player skips every song in playlist on Internet Explorer. Desktop app, android and iphone all work just fine. Ive cleared cache and cookies, logged out and back in, restarted router and laptop....any other suggestions

Thanks for all the info, guys. 


The new version of the Web Player is only available in Chrome and Firefox, so if you open the player from a different browser, it'd load the old version which might not work properly since we're moving into a new version.


We thank for the feedback and don't worry, we'll make sure it's passed on to the right team! 


Let us know if you have more doubts 🙂


@MonicaM_BogotaI'm using Internet Explorer 11. Today, the right bar that shows the songs is not popping up. When I try and play a playlist, I don't hear anything but can see that the songs keep skipping through. It skips every 10 seconds as @Filiep mentioned.


The web player says, "Can't connect to Spotify. Trying again now..."


This has been going on for a couple of days.


Same issue here- worked fine on Monday, quit working yesterday


Just a bit ago I was looking at artists pages, now I cant even connect on my app/web browser to the correct pages. Hope this gets resolved.


Hi there-


When I open the webplayer on my work computer, none of the songs will play and the player simply skips through songs on the playlist without playing anything. I have tried several browsers and clearing cookies/cache as mentioned in other threads.


It worked fine on Monday, and quit working yesterday (Tuesday). Thanks for the help. 


The Spotify web player is massively buggy. With the update, most of the time I can't get music to even play. Clicking on a song, album etc. results in no action whatsoever.  


Same for me. I'm so pissed.


Since the last update I'm completely dissapointed with the Spotify Web Player.

You removed a lot of features:


- Can't see easily wich songs are Saved via overview (you have to go to the music menu)

- Can't see shuffle playlists that are playing

- Can't see Radio playlists

- Can't add music to the currently queue that is playing

- Can't see complete list of musics when entering in the artist overview


But the most annoying problem of all, it is that the player simply does not work.

I'm facing several issues, like delay on playing the music or the music just does not play.

The last issue that I'm facing is the one attached.


Yes, I already cleared the cookies and the browser history. Yes, I already restarted the browser and the computer.


I'm currently using the lastest version of google Chrome.

This issue happens in both work (using proxy) and at home (not using proxy)


I'm paying for the service and I'm not satisfied with this upgrade, since it is causing a lot of issues.


Please help me.



Spotify Error.png

Thanks for keeping us posted, @SpotifyUser53!


Could you try to log in using a different account and check if this is still happening?


Let us know how it goes. 


@MonicaM_Bogota I tried different accounts from my family account and all have the same problem.