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Web Player suddenly not working (internet explorer)

I've been listening to Spotify on Windows in Internet Explorer for almost two months and never had a problem and today I went to listen to Spotify playlist but the website won't let me access any of it's content. Instead, it tells me to "Enable the web player," but only gives advice for Firefox, Chrome, and Edge.

Why has it suddenly stopped working for me and how do I fix it?


Hey folks! Welcome to the Spotify Community!

Right now, Internet Explorer isn't supported by Spotify. I recommend you to check out this support article on browsers that support the Web Player or check out the desktop app here. I'll also make sure to let the right folks know, this is something you'd like to see. Let me know if there's anything else.


Hope you're having a lovely day! 🙂


I am having the same problem with web player( Using Windows 7, and IE 11.


I'm having the exact same problem! Help please


Same problem for me! I've used it on internet explorer for a year (since it's the only browser available on my work computer) and today it's not working anymore..

Does somebody have a solution?


The same thing is happening for me. I am not able to access any other internet browsers at work, so will be very disappointed if I can not longer access spotify via internet explorer


I am having the same issue, if they give you a solution, please share it., thanks!


I'm having the same problem and there are no answers that I can find. 


Same here.  Spotify has been completely silent on this forum, also when asking about it on the Chat with customer assistance they have been evasive at best.  Not sure what is going on here.


I talked to someone on their Facebook chat and they said the new version of their web player is no longer available on internet explorer. When I asked if they had any plans to make it available, their response was: "We're afraid we don't have any info to share right now, but we'll make sure to let the relevant folks know that it's something you'd like to see."


I'm having this problem too!


I have the same issue!... I pay for premium and now i cant use it at work.