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Web Player update is awful

The new web player update is awful. If these new changes get implemented into the full app I'm ending my service.

Here is a list of my issues:

1. There is no radio button. It used to be on the left side, very easy to access. now its just gone, there's no way to listen to the radio.
2. The type and images are way too big. I cant even see the song list of one full album when i click on it because everything is too big, it goes off the screen. i have to scroll and scroll and scroll to find what I'm looking for when before it was right there.
Also, some album covers shouldn't be so big on your screen when you're at WORK. Not to mention when you're searching for a band and the new search type is HUGE. what if you're searching for the band "**bleep** **bleep**" or "THE BUTTHOLE SURFERS"? you want that typed out so huge on your screen at work? (wow... your WEBSITE censors the band names that you want me to have typed out ON MY SCREEN huge when I'm searching for them. thanks for that.)
3. You cant select multiple tracks to add to a playlist. I have multiple playlists that I have built that each have over a thousand tracks. can you imagine how long it would take me to build these playlists ONE SONG AT A TIME??!!?!?!?? at LEAST add the option to ADD AN ALBUM to a playlist. sheesh.
4. You cant go to an artists page and play all their albums in order. I used to be able to just press play and it would play through all the artists albums, now I have to click on each album individually, play them one at a time. The cue was the workaround for this, but that brings me to my next problem:
5. The cue is now missing as well.

Do us all a favor: Dont "fix" stuff that works. I pay for premium for a reason: because it used to F*cking work.
Now it doesn't. 
Fix this sh*t or I'm out. 

Hey everybody!


Thanks for your input and feedback! We're always testing things in order to improve Spotify. There's more info here.


Any other questions, don't hesitate to get back to us.


Take care!


I completely agree. Another thing I hate is that the discover weekly playlist is just completely gone. Honestly, this new layout feels blown-up and cramped. The previous one was modern enough, but this one just looks like they're trying too hard to make it overly modern looking. Not sure why they thought this update was a good idea at all, since the layout is bad and they've removed all kinds of functionality in the process.

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Hey @thedirtsyndicat and @wolf6621!


Thanks for letting us know about this. It's odd that you're not seeing the full features on the Web Player. Let us know what Internet browser you're using. Have you tried a different one?


You could also try clearing the cache and cookies or using an incognito window. Let us know if it makes any difference. 


If possible, send us some screenshots to take a close look at what's going on.


Keep us posted!


I am using a Chromebook and therefore using a Chrome browser and I have these exact same issues. There is NO RADIO option. Zero. 


Additionally, the bar at the bottom of the screen that shows what song is playing has no option to add to a playlist, or "go to artist", or anything of the kind. I have to click the album cover, which takes me away from whatever my current activity is, then find the song I'm listening to, in order to engage in any activity beyond pause/play. Awful update so far.


I'm having the same awful problems on two different computerts. I have never used Spotify on either one. Spotify should have really made a blog post about this update.


Same problems here with Windows 7 on Chrome (54.0.2840.99m) but not on Internet Explorer (11.0.9600.18524). I get that things change but the new web player is total **bleep**. Biggest missing features to me are the Radio and the Discover Tab. If this change becomes standard I'll probably ditch my membership as I won't be getting customized song recommendations and if I'm not hearing new music, I might as well just be using my personal music library.



Also, I use the Queue option almost every time I use Spotify, and this seems to be nonexistant also... I don't have the option to use Internet Explorer as I'm using a Chromebook - the iOS app works great, so I'm reluctant to completely ditch the service, but I won't have any choice if they literally don't provide the options I need.


Hi All, figured out how to get back to the old player. On Chrome if you clear your cookies, cache, hosted media data & licences from the browser, then navigate to it loads the old web player. Well it does for me. This was driving me nuts as well and I actually un-subscribed from premium because I wasn't gonna put up with the new design unless I could revert back. Hope y'all find this useful.


The screen grab above by mynamesleslie is exactly what I'm talking about.
If try to go to play.spotify it redicrects me to open.spotify and is totally different.
I'm using chrome.
cleared the cache and cookies: no change.
tried an incognito window: no change.
tried safari: no change.

here at the design studio we have almost 50 computers, macs and pcs. I just went to 10 different machines personally and got the same result.
I asked co-workers to do the same for a grand total of about 35 different machines and browsers: same result. 

The new web player is awful.
This isn't user error. 
If you want me to make a screengrab encyclopedia of all my issues I will... 




Ok. Re-started my computer and loaded up the Web Player again. It does still do the re-direct to the new layout. The trick is to log-out and then login again, then as soon as you click login you'll see the browser display the old sidebar and "" in the address bar for a sec before the re-direct happens to the new site. As soon as this happens you have to click the X in the browser to stop the re-direct. It should then load the old one or just click one of the sidebar tabs and it will load everything as normal.