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Web player stops after playing a song for 9 seconds

Spotify web player had worked fine for me for a long while (years), but a couple days ago started pausing playback at 9-second position very consistently. Switching to the next song (pressing the "Next" button) sometimes solves the issue for the next song playback (though, not always), then it happens again. Basically, it completely breaks the user experience, as I can't listen to songs which get stuck at 9 seconds, and have to manually press "Next" every 5-10 minutes.


I cannot see any errors in Chrome's JavaScript console nor any issues with the network requests. Everything is fine with my local network. The issue is only with Spotify's web player, and as far as I can tell, it is something that started happening just recently.


Any advice / help would be much appreciated.


Plan: Free

Country: USA

Device: MacBook Pro 2017

Operating System: macOS Big Sur 11.0.1

Web browser: Chrome 89.0.4389.90

Hello everyone,


due to recent developments, we're again marking this as Fixed.


We've made several backend improvements and from the previous comments those seem to have done the trick for a majority.


For anyone still experiencing this, it looks like the cause is a DNS issue via Chrome - something that's not under our control. All network communication for Spotify goes through the same domain name, so if metadata and playback commands are being sent, the domain is already resolved.


As such, if you're still having issues, please ensure to take the following steps to resolve this:

  • Change your default DNS in your network settings - It seems CloudFlare ( is not an ideal pick, so if you have that one, change it to another DNS provider. Based on reports, Google's ( is working fine.
  • Disable VPN, proxies or ad-blockers - they're not supported and are known to cause playback trouble.
  • Switch to a different browser for the Web Player - We've received reports that Firefox and Edge do not experience interruptions. As Edge and Safari are pre-installed on Windows and Mac those are good alternatives to use. If you don't want to make it your default browser, you can just create a custom shortcut for the Spotify Web Player to open in that browser. A good guide on how to do so can be found here.


Shoutout to @danth45 for helping find a solution!


Take care!


@Ivani'm getting it anywhere from 9 seconds to 13 seconds, sometimes it goes to 20 but then same message, sometimes if I just leave it the song picks back up about a min later but then stops again around 10 seconds later


I'm getting this as well. Wired Windows 10 machine (desktop app, both versions) and web player. Also a Linux laptop (web player). Curiously Spotify Direct clients seem to work OK as does going through a VPN. I'm therefore beginning to wonder if this might be an ISP issue? FWIW I'm with Virgin Media in the UK.


im UK with Virgin media also .....

Status changed to: Fixed

Hey folks, 


Thanks for bringing this up to our attention.


We can confirm that the right team looked into this and it should be fixed for everyone now.


In case you still experience this, make sure you log out and back in to your Spotify account.




Apologies folks, this was posted in the wrong thread. Please check my follow up below.


Why have you marked this as fixed, its not its worse, some songs dont even get to 9 seconds now some songs dont play at all. Ive tried logging out and back in and ive tried re downloading the app !


Not fixed for me either.

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hi everyone,


Thanks for your continued reports.


Sorry about the confusion, my previous post was about a different thread. 


First up, we'd like to clear something up: we want to investigate the issue from the original poster of this thread, and namely: using the Spotify Web player causes a sudden and unexpected stop after roughly the 9-second mark of starting playback.


However, we see a lot of mixed reports in here, that make it more difficult to focus on the issue and pinpoint its cause.


@danth45 It seems what you're experiencing is with the desktop app. If using a VPN fixes the issues and you have trouble at work, it seems this is caused by the connection to our servers. We would advise checking your router and network configuration and getting in touch with your Internet service provider or the IT department at work, so they can trace where the connection drop occurs. 


@Ramoa We're not aware of any similar issues with the iOS app. Can you please start a separate thread and we'll look into that as this might be again device- or network-related. 


@anniekahler Can you please confirm if you're using the web player or the desktop app? If the latter, please start a different thread and we'll be happy to help there.




Hi again, 


To everyone else who still experiences an interruption on our web player after listening to it for 9 seconds:


Please download and use Mozilla Firefox browser for a while. We need to gather some data on different browsers and using it we'll try to make improvements. After using our web player on Mozilla Firefox for a couple of days, post back if the issue persists.


We understand this might not be your preferred browser choice and we're not here to advocate between browsers, but really do need your cooperation and data on this to find a resolution.


Thank you in advance for helping us out! 


@Ivan  Its the desktop app and the webplayer, what would I say to the iternet service provider? that since spotify updated I can no longer listen to music. They wouldn't do anything other than say its spotifys problem not ours and I would have wasted hours trying to get through to them and money on ringing them up.


I work from home im using my personal PC to listen to music, I use the desktop app every day to listen to podcasts and music and since the last update its broken. I have changed no settings on my router or my pc, it is 100% something that has changed with spotify


Hi Everyone,
I wanted to summarize what Ivan was saying.
"Hi, I'm Ivan, I am a web forum moderator and I have no actual influence with Spotify. I'm here to tell you to turn it off, and turn it on again, or try something else, because I can't actually fix an issue with Spotify. This isn't a help ticket system for their programmers. I don't know where that could be. If these solutions don't work I don't know what to do because gee golly, soooo many people on soooo many devices are having an issue that we can't organize it. Can you start 250 more threads about this 9 second issue where we can tell you to change whatever it is you're doing. Because this is all your fault. Stupid end users. Can't even figure out how to use this broken app."

I hope this helps everyone understand the situation here a little better.

Cancel. Your. Subscription. Tell them its because of the 9 second issue. If the little graph starts going downwards the people who can actually impact change may take notice and address their issue. Until then... Moderators are just wasting everyone's time.