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Web player stops after playing a song for 9 seconds

Spotify web player had worked fine for me for a long while (years), but a couple days ago started pausing playback at 9-second position very consistently. Switching to the next song (pressing the "Next" button) sometimes solves the issue for the next song playback (though, not always), then it happens again. Basically, it completely breaks the user experience, as I can't listen to songs which get stuck at 9 seconds, and have to manually press "Next" every 5-10 minutes.


I cannot see any errors in Chrome's JavaScript console nor any issues with the network requests. Everything is fine with my local network. The issue is only with Spotify's web player, and as far as I can tell, it is something that started happening just recently.


Any advice / help would be much appreciated.


Plan: Free

Country: USA

Device: MacBook Pro 2017

Operating System: macOS Big Sur 11.0.1

Web browser: Chrome 89.0.4389.90

Hello everyone,


due to recent developments, we're again marking this as Fixed.


We've made several backend improvements and from the previous comments those seem to have done the trick for a majority.


For anyone still experiencing this, it looks like the cause is a DNS issue via Chrome - something that's not under our control. All network communication for Spotify goes through the same domain name, so if metadata and playback commands are being sent, the domain is already resolved.


As such, if you're still having issues, please ensure to take the following steps to resolve this:

  • Change your default DNS in your network settings - It seems CloudFlare ( is not an ideal pick, so if you have that one, change it to another DNS provider. Based on reports, Google's ( is working fine.
  • Disable VPN, proxies or ad-blockers - they're not supported and are known to cause playback trouble.
  • Switch to a different browser for the Web Player - We've received reports that Firefox and Edge do not experience interruptions. As Edge and Safari are pre-installed on Windows and Mac those are good alternatives to use. If you don't want to make it your default browser, you can just create a custom shortcut for the Spotify Web Player to open in that browser. A good guide on how to do so can be found here.


Shoutout to @danth45 for helping find a solution!


Take care!


I did not even get through 30 mins of listening before the 9 second bug affected my Spotify listening experience today. 

As of writing this post, the problem is not fixed for me.

I will listen to the web player one more time to see if the bug happens again, and report back if/when it does. 


Hi, @Ivan 


The problem has been solved in my situation.

Also, was it Spotify's cause?

If yes, I can update my Chrome.


@Ivan  Still not fixed, still pausing after a couple of seconds and coming up with "can't play current song" tried all the same stuff suggested for the 3rd week


Same problem for me, on my Iphone. Over 2 weeks already and nothing seems to work. I’vê downloaded the last version already, but the problem stays the same.



I have been having this issue for a couple of weeks now and am OVER IT! It is very frustrating because I either have to exit out of the app the be able to listen to a full song or listen to 10 seconds of every song and keep skipping to the next. I've logged in and out of my account and nothing changes. There are 4 people in my premium plan and none of them are having this issue, why am I paying for premium if it doesn't even let me listen to a full song??


Hello, I'm coming back to the thread to sayr that the problem disapeared for about a week and today, th web player stopped again multiple times during the day.


Same conditions as before. so no changes on my end.. 


could you tell us wha kid of changes "backstage" you made just so you know ?




After reloading the web player page on my devices I have not encountered this bug for more than 5 days.

So far it seems to be fixed for me.


Still experiencing this issue...


Still not fixed, still pausing after a couple of seconds and coming up with "can't play current song" no replies from mods anymore. Ive not done anything to my work PC so I know its not on my end, its been like this since spotify updated the app, tried switching to webplayer but that has the exact same issues.


Hey folks, 


Thanks for keeping us posted on this. 


We just want to confirm with all users experiencing this if you observe the music cutting off exactly at the 9-second mark, or you see it happening at different other times as well.
Let us know since this will help us investigate further and narrow down the possible reasons for this issue.