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Web player stops playing after 15 min [Germany]

Status: Fixed

Hey folks!


We've been getting reports from users on the free service in Germany that the web player stops working after about 15 minutes of play time. The app seems to work okay both on desktop and mobile, but has trouble on the web player.

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue and thank you for confirming it works better now.


We’re marking this a fixed now, but feel free to start a new thread in the relevant Help board hereif you're still experiencing issues with the web player. Make sure to provide as many details as possible, including what troubleshooting steps you went through so far and we’ll see if we can think up some other things to try.










Computer (Laptop)

Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Hello when I attempt to play tracks via the web player it continually tries to skip the tracks and won't play beyond a set amount of time, I'm using Firefox version 87 but that shouldn't be the issue, any help would be much appreciated as I like to use the web client versus the desktop one, thanks for the assistance.


Can confirm, Firefox 86, Debian sid


same issue on Firefox 89 (tracks are skipped, playback on the ones that do start is only a few seconds, then stops). was told on a different thread on this board that Linux isn't supported, but it seems the issue is elsewhere as OP is on Windows.


Hi there folks,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community.


Can you clear you cache and cookies to see if the issue persist?

If that doesn't do the trick, can you let us know if you get the same behavior while using a different device?

We'll keep an eye out for your replies.




Unfortunalty, deleting cookies and clearing the cache did not help.


I've also tested on Windwos 10 (Firefox 89) and the issue is also present on this OS


Hey folks,


If you're experiencing this issue on multiple devices and OSs, you might want to test a free account and see if you're getting the same issues. 


If that's the case, you can try a different internet connection or removing any entries containing Spotify from your host files (Win, Mac - guide here).


Note that any Firewall or system management software, which might be blocking networking ports, could cause such issues with Spotify.


Hope this helps.






Thanks for your reply.


Switching Internet connection does not help. Also all Firewalls are disabled, browser anti-tracking features, ad-block and script-block are disabled. Also there are no entries in the hosts file which may affect spotify.


Moreover, this issue is the exact same one as here:


Same issue with Firefox on a 32-Bit Linux Mint system.


I have the same issue with the lastest 32-Bit-Firefox on a Linux Mint xfce 32-Bit system. I've had the same issue month ago, but it suddenly disappeared a few days later. All my other music streaming servies work well on that system.


Hey @orborb01


Thanks for reaching out here in the Community, and welcome!


Would you mind letting us know if you've tried any troubleshooting steps? This will help us give you better suggestions. 


Keep us posted.