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Web player stuck on ad

Spotify web player suddenly stuck on an ad on Google Chrome since 3 days. Tried to reload, sign out, then deleted cookies, cache, history, opened it in an incognito page, logged on different browsers (safari, firefox) and machine but everytime I log in, on any device, the advert box on the left will come back without playing and let me play anything as the play button is greyed out (see screengrab).

Any idea? This is really frustrating.




Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 11.03.30.png

Hey folks,


The tech team have been looking into things here, and we're going to close this one up now!


If you do experience the issue again, please reach back out to us in a new thread so that we can provide the best support. If you do reach out in a new thread, we'd also recommend letting us know the below:


- Does clearing your cache/cookies help: 

- The most recent time and date (with time zone) an ad broke the web player: 

- Browser and version number: 

- Are you using an ad blocker, and if so which one:


Thanks again,



I'm having the same issue. It's stuck on one specific ad, and it doesn't matter what I do (restart, log in/log out, clear cookies/cache, private browsing) it won't play or skip the ad. I've noticed when I use my desktop player at home it works fine, but when I open the web player at home or on my laptop at work it just shows the same ad again, frozen. Same issue on Firefox and Chrome.


Exact same issue with me...haven't found a fix yet 😕


I found a solution that worked for me!!

1. Log to your account

2. Click on your user icon at the bottom left

3. Click on the "Full Website" button

4. Click on any proposed album under "Looking for music?"


I have the same issue. I tried alex1992's solution but it didn't work for me, I'm still seeing the same non-playing ad. This happens both at work and at home. I tried clearing the cache and cookies, logging in/out several times, etc. I've had this issue for over a week now.


edit: Just tried alex1992's solution and picked a different album and it's working now! Thanks!


Thank you so much alex1992! I was freaking out that I had just lost 2 full years of music. You fixed it. Thank you!


Confirmed, this works. Many thanks


edit: day 2 of not being able to listen to music on spotify due to this bug. this seems to be a major issue. please upvote if you experience the same bug.


the playlist in webplayer  is stuck at some "advertisment". its not possible to play any music at all. neither relogging nor restarting does solve anything. every time i log in, the next song "playing" is "advertisment", which does not play at all.

logging in on a different browser (chrome) brings the exact same situation

clicking  that "advertisment" link just reopens the exact same spotify-page in a new tab (it does not matter where on spotify i am, it always links to the current site. loop?)


i use the webplayer in Firefox 52.4.0 (32bit) for windows. i run adblock and ghostery (which i both turned off for tests). i ran CCleaner to delete cookies and all that stuff, you get the idea: tried everything.


Having exactly the same issue on Chrome Version 60.0.3112.114 on Chrome OS - was using uBlock Origin, uninstalled it and cleaned, logged in/out, multiple restarts, multiple computers - problem still persists.


Worked 🙂


Try serveral times and finally Works!!! Thanks!!