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Web player stuck on ad

Spotify web player suddenly stuck on an ad on Google Chrome since 3 days. Tried to reload, sign out, then deleted cookies, cache, history, opened it in an incognito page, logged on different browsers (safari, firefox) and machine but everytime I log in, on any device, the advert box on the left will come back without playing and let me play anything as the play button is greyed out (see screengrab).

Any idea? This is really frustrating.




Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 11.03.30.png

Hey folks,


The tech team have been looking into things here, and we're going to close this one up now!


If you do experience the issue again, please reach back out to us in a new thread so that we can provide the best support. If you do reach out in a new thread, we'd also recommend letting us know the below:


- Does clearing your cache/cookies help: 

- The most recent time and date (with time zone) an ad broke the web player: 

- Browser and version number: 

- Are you using an ad blocker, and if so which one:


Thanks again,




Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey folks!


Thanks for the info on this.


This has been reported to our best tech folks now, and they're looking into things.


In the meantime, if you're still experiencing this, we'd recommend checking the below steps to see if they help:


- Are there any updates available for your operating system? If so, does updating this help?
- Does turning your device off/on help? (We know it sounds simple, but it's always worth a try)
- Does the same thing happen on a different device if you log in to your account?
- Are you using a VPN?
- Do you have any ad-blockers/firewalls enabled which could be interfering with things?


We also understand this seems to have been resolved for some of you now, and that's great. Thanks for updating! 

We hope to hear more from the team soon 🙂



1. Operating system (Win 10) is up to date.

2. Turning device on/off hasn't helped

3. Same things happens on a different device

4. No VPN

5. No, it has always worked...for over 2 years with the same setup.  


This only occurs on the web player.  When I created another account it seems to have gone away.


I believe I've tried every solution I can find.  Today (10-13-2017) I thought I had it when I installed the Spotify app on my phone and logged into the same account.  I was able to get music playing and then select my Chrom browser as the "player".  That worked until the next ad came up the it got stuck again.  


Thanks for looking into this!



1. Windows 10

2. Installed all updates

3. Firewall off

4. Tried with VPN and without

5. Ad blocker not


Issue remains, but for me the solution is simple, i just reload the player and have full control again until it happens again and again... hope you fix it.


The best option I can think of for you is to get a new Spotify account until they can figure out how to fix your corrupted account. Perhaps you were using it on one too many devices and it caused it to glitch out. If you would like I would be willing to share more advice via email. 


That worked!  Thanks!


I am having the same problem. I have tried incognito browers, restarting chromebook, no ad blockers, logging out, and fully uninstalling and reinstalling. I still can't play music.


I have the same problem.


Still the problem occurs and appears more often that previously. What is going on? You should had heard us from the first time for this s****y new player.

Anyways the only i can do is the following:

Use a VPN and change country log in and works until it happens again after 1-2 hours, then i have at the VPN to change country again and log in then it works again, after 1-2 hours the same thing again and again and again.


Also it doesn't only stuck on ads but and when you hear music it auto reloads and the play, previous, next, shuffle, repeat buttons doesn't work at all... then guess what i have to do... oh yes! change country again and re-log in until it happens again.


It is ridiculous i don't wanna use it anymore i don't want to wait for a solution so i am looking for alternatives.




I was directed to make my post here by another formum user.


I don't know if this is related to my account, but I have multiple issues:


  1. When I try to use spotify deskop on Windows 10, it crashes my computer after playing for 5-10 minutes (windows 10).  I gave up trying to figure out what was causing it so I started using the web player. 
  2. The webplayer which has been working for weeks, all of a sudden stopped working yesterday.  I have tried launching a player on a 3 year old Mac I own (the same), I've tried on two Windows 10 computers with different browsers.  I get a message "the application is not responding" like the javascript session has gone into a death spiral.  The browser becomes unresponsive and is difficult to close. 

The weird thing is that if I switch to my spotify player on my phone and then go back to the webplayer on my desktop, I can force the webplayer to play on the desktop by using the device picker, and selecting webplayer.  (That is the picker next to the volume control).  That works for like 10 minutes and then the browser stops and freezes again.


I'm really out of options.  At this point, I had to start using my phone to stream my tunes.   Any help would be appreciated.