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Web player stuck on ad

Spotify web player suddenly stuck on an ad on Google Chrome since 3 days. Tried to reload, sign out, then deleted cookies, cache, history, opened it in an incognito page, logged on different browsers (safari, firefox) and machine but everytime I log in, on any device, the advert box on the left will come back without playing and let me play anything as the play button is greyed out (see screengrab).

Any idea? This is really frustrating.




Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 11.03.30.png

Hey folks,


The tech team have been looking into things here, and we're going to close this one up now!


If you do experience the issue again, please reach back out to us in a new thread so that we can provide the best support. If you do reach out in a new thread, we'd also recommend letting us know the below:


- Does clearing your cache/cookies help: 

- The most recent time and date (with time zone) an ad broke the web player: 

- Browser and version number: 

- Are you using an ad blocker, and if so which one:


Thanks again,



Using the last hours Deezer with ads supported, every 1 ad at 4-5 songs or more and smooth play. I just realized what the **bleep** you did and destroyed a service like Spotify that it was super... i can't figure out.. oh god, i feel bad for the artists and the plays they lose...




Thanks for the patience! We're glad to hear it's fixed for some. If possible, could you let us know the specific ad that caused the issue along with the date it occurred? 

Thanks 🙂




Stopped the problem in holidays and now is back again, maybe you didn't worked those days? If you don't start better not working again so we can hear the music without problems.


Hey there, @rekleThanks for getting back to us.

Could you let us know the info requested above? If you could confirm the specific ad that caused the issue, along with the date that it occurred, we'll get this info passed along.

We appreciate your patience,


There no specific ad that stuck to, it stuck at almost every ad! I said "ok lets try the ads from another country" so i activated my vpn and got stuck to almost every ad again, tried multiple countries with the same result, i cannot blame my vpn because and at my native country the ads stuck. Artists must know that they are losing plays from the listeners from a stupid problem that Spotify doesn't want to solve... also i saw this.

Maybe you must pay and for the missing plays every artist losing, if this is a strategy to lead as to go premium then one thing i have to say.... you failed, you lost our trust... so simple. Other platforms are more reliable now than you after you changed the player you became the worst.


Hey @rekle

Thanks for getting back to us, we're sorry to hear that this seems to be happening with more ads.


If you are able to let us know perhaps 2/3 of the ads this has happened with, we'd really like to get this information reported to our tech team. If not, can you let us know the exact date/time this last happened, so we're up-to-date?


It's also worth noting Spotify doesn't officially support the use of a VPN.

If anyone else is still experiencing this, please do keep us in the loop with the info requested so that we can get to the bottom of things.


Many thanks,



None of the listed options help. Chromebook, stuck on ad. 😕


Turning on and off adblock does nothing.


I don't know what the ad is, either. It has never started playing so I cannot answer that.


My chromebook automatically updates, so it's not that either.


Turning the device on/off does nothing, either.


Hi @Melody,

It happens at anytime, the most of the ads that stuck says "advertisement" length 00:01 to 00:01 and at promotional Spotify ads for update to premium account... Now i am facing another problem, when i listen music randomly stops and refreshing the page.... it doesn't come back from where i have left but at the start of the playlist again. It happens every 1-2 hours. I do not know what to do i tried and other browsers but does the same, i guess i have to quit Spotify permanently.

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey folks, 


Us again!


While the team are looking into things, we'd really appreciate it if you could let us know:
- Your device/operating system

- The date and approx time (incl. timezone) that this last happened

- The ad that's getting stuck (if you're able to see this when it freezes)

We'll pass this info along.

Many kind thanks,