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Web player stuck on ad

Spotify web player suddenly stuck on an ad on Google Chrome since 3 days. Tried to reload, sign out, then deleted cookies, cache, history, opened it in an incognito page, logged on different browsers (safari, firefox) and machine but everytime I log in, on any device, the advert box on the left will come back without playing and let me play anything as the play button is greyed out (see screengrab).

Any idea? This is really frustrating.




Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 11.03.30.png

Hey folks,


The tech team have been looking into things here, and we're going to close this one up now!


If you do experience the issue again, please reach back out to us in a new thread so that we can provide the best support. If you do reach out in a new thread, we'd also recommend letting us know the below:


- Does clearing your cache/cookies help: 

- The most recent time and date (with time zone) an ad broke the web player: 

- Browser and version number: 

- Are you using an ad blocker, and if so which one:


Thanks again,



Stuck as well. Done all the above but still on the ad page. It's been a few days since I've emailed tech support but no response... Any ideas?


I've had this problem for nearly two weeks. It's stuck on a Sky ad with no way out. Tried different browsers, and even different computers, no joy.

 Hello! I'm experiencing this same issue and have tried all the troubleshooting options listed above.  I also just subscribed to premium thinking that would help but it hasn't.  Any other ideas would be much appreciated!


Same issue, but alex1992's solution worked.  PLEASE FIX THIS DEVS!  😞


This looks like a bug with the CSP headers in the Web player, introduced a couple weeks ago. The fix is pretty simple, but yes, the web player is currently not working.


Hey all,


Thank you for the recent comments.

We've passed all of this info along to the team now, to ensure they're up-to-date with all of the reported details.


They're still looking into things, but in the meantime, please do make sure you've checked the below if you've not already:

1). Ensure you're not using any ad blockers as this could interfere with things

2). Check you're not using a VPN 

3). Clear the cache/cookies, and restart the device


We really appreciate your patience, and hope to have more news soon.


All the best,



I have the exact same issue. For some reason, it is just my account. My friend's account works fine on my device, but mine won't play. I have tried everything different devices, turning on and off, troubleshooting. This is really frustrating me so if anyone knows what to do please respond and help.


alex1992's  idea does help, however, its  only a workaround. when i logged in today (after not listening to spotify for a month) the bug was still persistent.

tried the workaround, multiple times till it worked...




Hey @XHQHunter and @Toyfel


Thanks for the recent comments.


Our best tech team are still looking into things here, and we hope to have more info soon.

In the meantime, if you've not already, be sure to let us know:

1). Are you using any ad blockers as this could interfere with things?
2). Are you using a VPN? If so, can you try without?
3). Does clearing the cache/cookies, and restarting the device help?

4). Is your operating system up-to-date?

5). Is your browser up-to-date?


We'll continue to pass info on to the right folks.





Hey @XHQHunter and @Toyfel,


We're just checking in here; if you could let us know the info requested above by @Melody, that'd be great. We can then relay it to the relevant team.