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Webplayer Radio: Special characters not displayed correctly

Status: Closed

When playing a custom radio station, song titles are not displayed correctly when they contain a special character. See attached screenshot.


Hey @Ironis1,


It seems we didn't receive a reply from your end. For this reason, we're setting this post as "Closed".

Don't hesitate to write us back if you need some extra help.
Our best,
Status changed to: Closed

Hey @Ironis1, welcome to the Community!


Does it happen with all the songs with special characters you listen to on the web player? Also, can you see the same accross different web browsers?


Let us know. 


Hi @Alejandro_C

Reproducable in both Chrome (v52.0.2743.116 m) and Firefox (v47.0.1)
(running Windows 8.1) for both artist names and song titles.

I have seen this happen on all song titles with special characters, but it
also happens in artist name.
(eg. Maître Gimes).

Besides the title / artist name displayed below the album art, it also
effects the radio name in the top left corner of the radio client. In my
experience as test consultant, it seems like an issue in interpretation of
character set. Eg: title and name are transferred in UTF-8 to the client,
and are interpreted as US-ASCII by the client, causing difference in
interpretation of 2-byte characters.

Hope this is helpful.



Thanks for replying!


Just to make sure, do you experience the same issue if you use a different device?


Keep us posted. 

I haven't tried on another device. I did just try it in a Ubuntu 16_04 VM
on the same machine: same result.
I haven't tried on another device. I did just try it in a Ubuntu 16_04 VM
on the same machine: same result.

Thanks for letting us know.


If you can try from another device, let us know the results so that we can determine if it's an internal or an external issue. Also, does changing the character encoding on the web browser help at all? Check the steps here:


Keep us posted. 

Default encoding is UTF-8.
I tried Windows-1252, Unicode, Macintosch, ISO-8859-3, ISO-8859-15. All
with the same result.

The problem is only limited to radio and only to the station view in the
middle frame (track on which station is displayed and the view with current
track and previous 4 tracks with album art). The player on the right side
displays the text correctly and when browsing playlists, album lists etc,
the text is displayed correctly.

Haven't had a chance to test on another device. Will try on a mac later

Hey @Ironis1


How did it go from a different device? Are you experiencing the same issue on your MAC?


Keep us posted.


Hey there @Ironis1!


How are you getting on? Do you still need our help? If so, can you let us know how it went using Mac?


We'll close this thread up in around 48 hours. Don't worry though, if you need us to lend a hand we'll be right here.


Feel free to give us a shout at any time.

Thanks, and have a nice day 🙂


Sorry, still haven't checked on Mac.
Though it's not really helping me, I thought I might have found a bug, so I
tried helping you squish it 🙂

Will try on mac later today