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I have a lot of playlists - and a lot of people follow them. When using the Spotify app for Windows, you can see the first 200 playlists but until recently you could see all of them (!) if you used a webplayer (tested in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera). Now it only shows 50! However it looks like it going to show more - but it doesn't (have waited for more than half an hour without any change).

Is that a bug or just a new "feature"?

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Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone!


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MacBook Air



In spotify web player, it will load song and play them but it will not load past 100 or load more playlists or albums.  Tries restarting computer, loging out and back it, nothing worked.  Please fix



Since a couple of days ago the Home > Genres & Moods list doesn't load completely anymore (stops in the 4th row at "Made in Colombia").

There is a spinner at the bottom of the page but it never completes loading. 


Web Player Premium, Chrome 74, Win7x64

i've been having this same issue today, also whenever i open a playlist with more than than 100 songs in the web player it only shows the first 100 songs

I've only had this trouble once the playlist reached over 160 songs. At 155, I could see the full playlist, but now it just gets stuck with the loading image and the songs never appear. I can play the songs by clicking the next button, but I can't see what will be next. I have already tried clearing my cookies and cache.
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Same problem . I already followed all steps.

I use an Acer Chromebook 15 CB3-532 - I have been a premium member forever. I have tried EVERYTHING and can not get my playlists to go past the first few and then I get buffering and more buffering - Same problem with genres - It will only go so far then buffering. I have noticed the bar on the right hand side that you use to move everything downward is very wide - It does not usually look like that. Don't know if that helps anyone with an answer. I have tried logging out everywhere, checked my account, uninstalled and reinstalled, cleared data, cleared cache and cookies etc etc etc. The only thing I can think of is it has something to do with getting rid of HULU. I tried it out but, the commercials are too annoying and I just don't watch much online. (I don't even own a TV - I'd rather read thanks for the freebie though) ANYWAY, I cancelled HULU today and that is when everything started acting weird. Still cannot rename a playlist but, I gave up on that issue along with many other things that obviously, having a chromebook and using spotify, is always going to be issue. I would think Spotify would care a bit more about those of us that do have chromebooks as just about everybody (especially your younger listeners) use them. You don't even list them anywhere on your site. We get "Web Player" instead of a classification. Believe it or not, some folks don't know Spotify calls everything that isn't Mac or Windows a "Web Player" that chromebook users are listening on. I'm 60 years old and technologically impaired so to speak. I give it **bleep** trying to figure out whatever problems arise with my chromebook before having to call in google for help, but, I will mention, not all of your listeners are kids. Some of us did not grow up in the age of technology. We didn't have computers when I was in jr. high or high school. I didn't own a cell phone until I was in my late 30's or maybe even 40! It was a BAG Phone (google it kids) ha ha - Anyway, you might keep in mind many of your premium customers are old farts like me. Some of us would appreciate technical help that is a bit easier to understand when things things do go wrong. (Which honestly is quite often) I don't go a day without listening to Spotify. I love music and can't stand having to use alternative sources while paying and waiting for things to get straightened out at Spotify. I am 99% sure you could have found a way to make the web player a whole lot better by now and I also am pretty damned sure this latest problem with error messages, buffering etc is on YOUR end, as all other websites work, including youtube. So once again, I am seriously thinking about why I pay for a product that most of the time has issues. If you were a malfunctioning radio I bought at Amazon do you think I would keep it or get a refund? If I continued to get product after product from any place and always had some kind of annoying issues that suck up time and energy, take time away from enjoying that product, would I keep it? Of course not. You have most of us over a barrel. The longer I am member (especially a premium member) the more time, energy and cash I've invested in my membership. I have put hundreds and hundreds (probably thousands) of hours into my playlists. I'm disabled and therefore have time to try and fix all the problems that come flying at me from Spotify. What on earth do younger folks do that do NOT have time to try and fix YOUR problems? They are working and going to school. Parents are working, many taking care of kids and trying to just keep their heads above water. Where do they find time to fix YOUR problems? I really feel it is unfair to have so much down time. Please get some of the ongoing issues fixed. It isn't a huge deal for some but, for others it really is. I've learned to chill out over shite like this and realize there are WAY bigger problems to worry about (if worrying is your thing) BUT, when it comes to the few things we truly get to enjoy in this life, music is top of the list for millions of people. You owe it to your customers to take better care of them. I am sure with the oodles of money that Spotify makes, you could invest a bit more of it than you are making a product that we ALL can depend on MOST days. I'm not asking for perfection, but, excellence would be nice. Thanks for the years of happiness and please, please make Spotify the music site it SHOULD be and get it working more often than not. It will be a sad day if I have to say goodbye to the time I've spent just making playlists I love. The other thing I have learned is patience, but, let's remember, I am 60 and have had plenty of years to work at that. Most of your listeners are a helluva lot younger and are NOT going to wait forever for you to fix all that needs to be fixed - Everyday new companies want our business and sooner or later, if Spotify doesn't start listening and really hearing what customers are saying and wanting, they will leave you in the dust. Hope all is up and working VERY soon. Thanks to ALL those who, continually share their help in the community. Peace and good health to all -

Just talk to @spotify on twitter and they will help you.


Same here, seems like this problem occurs once every 4 months...


Same problem.

My first and second visit to the playlist I'm hearing didn't show any problems. But then suddenly... well, in my case the spinner won't go away while loading the songlist after the 20th. And when I push the "jump to next song"-Button like crazy and finally get somwhere near to the song I was hearing (around the 50th or so) I suddenly get reseted back to one inbetween the first to 18th. Also, when I reload the whole page I get "Gataway"-Errors (502, 504...) one after another. My browser's freshly updated, internet connetion is good. Something with the server maybe?


I'm glad to know I'm not the only one!