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I have a lot of playlists - and a lot of people follow them. When using the Spotify app for Windows, you can see the first 200 playlists but until recently you could see all of them (!) if you used a webplayer (tested in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera). Now it only shows 50! However it looks like it going to show more - but it doesn't (have waited for more than half an hour without any change).

Is that a bug or just a new "feature"?

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Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone!


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the problems i mentioned in my previous reply to this post are still happening today, i've tried chrome opera and microsoft edge but it still happends no matter what browser i use at least on my computer, this does not happen on the desktop app or the android app, this has to be something wrong with the server


When using the Web Player for Firefox, I've started running into some issues recently. The web player will simply stop playing, with Firefox giving 'a web page is slowing down your browser', and the only way to get it to play again is to reload the web player. This is incredibly frustrating as it happens approximately every ten minutes, so I've got to constantly go back and reload it every time this happens.
The second issue relating to this, which appeared at the same time as this playing issue occured, is that the playlist will never load past the first songs shown at the top of the playlist. One of my favourite things to do is simply scroll down and play a few of my favourite songs on queue or loop when I'm feeling like it, however this can't really be done anymore and I've got to hope that shuffle actually gives me the songs I want.
I've seen a few threads relating to the playlist loading issue but none to this random stopping, any fix for either would be greatly appreciated.

Same thing happening for me on Chrome, after a few seconds a song will just stop, the play button greys out and I have to reload. Playlists are also not loading completely, some now load a few songs and then have the buffer circle, reloading doesn't help though. Incredibly frustrating, especially when the song you were just listening to, but had to reload, is at the bottom of a playlist, which I now can't get to because of it not loading.

I think I have the same problem.  The songs after the first 100 will played correctly (not shown on playlist but are processed nonetheless) but there is no way I can choose to play those songs or to see whether I have already added a particular song.



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While on the collection tracks in web player, it doesn't load all the tracks. (https://open.spotify.com/collection/tracks), it only loads 50 results, and shows the spining cursor. and will load no more despite what i do, release cache of the browser, etc. I don't have to say I have way more than 50 items in my collection, and now I can only access via queue or search, which is obnoxious.


Hope you could also give that a check.



I started having the exact same issue, but now this is causing Firefox to freeze and I have completely shut and reload the browser to do anything. Very frustrating. 







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For the past 3 days spotify wont load songs in my playlist 2/3 of the way down. No matter how times i refresh, restart, or sign in/out they wont load. They load fine on other systems but it would be more convenient to use on one device. Please fix soon.

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Absolutely the same for me and it has been a week now.  Check out "webplayer" on the community page...at least you won't feel lonely! ha ha - It isn't funny though, this is awful.  I have the same chromebook as you too.  It is a big issue for everyone that is using the web player or app for sure.  I have a premium membership and have been with Spotify for 7 years now I think, at least 6. I can't believe it has been a week of trying everything under the sun to fix this issue and nothing works! It has to be Spotify OR google chrome since it is a webplayer problem - which means everyone using a chromebook has to use the web player or app. Have you noticed the cookie in your browser that says it is preventing cookies from being set? I have hit that resetting a million times but, nothing happens. PERHAPS THIS IS THE PROBLEM but, how to fix it? I reset everything and still nothing working on Spotify. Life without music is no life at all!  


This is the same in all Chrome Browsers I've tried.  I've tried refreshing the page, clearing cookies, etc.  If I put shuffle on, it does find songs outside of the visible playlist but the web player (which is the only player I use) is pretty much unusable for my existing playlists.  Was hoping they'd fix it / rollback today as I noticed the issue last Thursday or Friday.