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Webplayer radio not working

When right-clicking on a playlist and selecting Start Radio, an empty play queue is created and nothing plays. I have tried in both Chrome and Edge on Windows. I have disabled all blocking software, cleared cookies, and deleted all the things I could find under the AppData directory that refer to Spotify. I'm sure this worked as recently as last week. Is there something I can do to get it to work again? Thanks.

Hey folks,

Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.

We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone!

If you’re still experiencing this issue, let us know and we’ll look into it.

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey all,


We've received reports that the Radio feature doesn't work on the webplayer.


If you are experiencing this, please let us know the following:


  • Which web-browser this happens with (and with which browser it doesn't)
  • Browser version
  • If you are trying an Artist, Playlist, Album or song Radio Station

Don't forget to click +Vote as well. We'll be able to keep you up-to-date in this Ongoing Issue.


Thanks and have a nice day!


Hey @user-removed,


Could you send over a screen recording of the issue so we can take a look? If you could also let us know which version your browsers are, that'd be great.







song radio is not working currently also in the apps (iOS iPhone, iOS iPad, Windows app).

I have tried several songs - no radio was started. On the Windows app there is only a "loading circle". On iOS is only a black screen.


Cheers, Joerg


Update: it seems that the problem is correlated to specific songs. I could start the radio on the apps/web for other songs.  A songs which is not working Giddha (Mount Mike).


Cheers, Joerg


Hey there @jspi


Thanks for keeping us in the loop and adding this!


It'd be very helpful if you could let us know the following so we can pass them on to our tech teams:

  • The operating system version of the devices you mention this is happening to.
  • The version of the Spotify app.
  • A URI of the songs that you mention that the issue occurs on.
  • If possible, a screenrecording of the issue (for example, on the web player). Just make sure that no private or sensitive info is displayed.

We'll be keeping an eye out for your reply 🙂




I'm using iOS 12.3.1, Spotify and the sing URI is


Cheers, Joerg


Ps: seems still a „song problem“ (not OS or Spotify app) because it happens also in the web player.


@Guido wrote:

Hey @RLGoodman,


Could you send over a screen recording of the issue so we can take a look? If you could also let us know which version your browsers are, that'd be great.






I have tried three times to post a video here. The posts just seem to disappear. I sent a link to the video to you in PM.


Is there any update on this problem?



I have problems starting playlist radio but also daily mixes when using the webplayer.


  • Using Webplayer Chrome on Windows 10.
  • I have this issue in the office, but also at home. At home its definitly just a vanilla Chrome without any extensions or weird network proxy setup. Just a normal VDSL setup people have at home in Germany.
  • Clearing cache or cookies doesn't do anything.
  • Using Spotify App works fine at home (I can't use it in the office)

As requested, I made a video recording:

  • First trying various ways to start DailyMix2
  • Then trying to start playlist radio for my "EDM" playlist
  • Then starting the playlist itself
  • Then using my phone to make the webplayer play DailyMix2. 
  • Music is playing correctly, but DailyMix2 is not displayed as "playing". There are no up/down vote buttons for the song either, have to do that via phone.



is it solved?

today I realised that on the web player I can start a radio off an Album but I can't do it on phone Android app (updated)... another annoying non-sense glitch. I'll stick with Google Play Music at the moment, non funny glitches so far! :?


Hey everyone, 


Thanks for the details you've provided so far. We can assure you that the right team is looking into it, and we'll get back to you with updates as soon as we have any. 


@nu_user could you send us the details requested on the status update above? This would help us look into it closer.