When I start the web player one of my monitors shuts off/loses connection







Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

 How can I prevent my monitor from shutting off when I start the web player?

Hey there folks,

We really appreciate your patience and all your reports so far.

We've passed them on to the right teams and after checking this, we've come to the conclusion that unfortunately this isn't something we can help with further on our end.

If there's anything else you need help with, don't hesitate to let us know by starting a new thread in our Help Boards. Thanks!


Why is it resolved as won't fix? 


Two years in and all these comments just keep flying in on a totally unexplained Won't Fix?


I did not experience this bug before. It has just started now. I have to kill my desktop pc and reboot via a reset, because in a microsecond after, for instance, clicking on a Spotify link in a Youtube video description, the screen goes blank/off/black and I am left with no control over my entire pc.


Come on Spotify, help us customers a little will ya? If not clearly a bug from Spotify side, at least point us to the right direction to fix this. Helping is not only done by coding on bug fixes, right?


I've been having this issue with my work location with Chrome and Firefox, Edge doesn't seem to properly load the web player. I noticed when first opening the web player on Firefox, the browser automatically downloaded Google Widevine CDM and the moment it finished, my second monitor blacked out. When I went into the add-ons manager and disabled the add-on, my screen came back but every track kept skipping. 


It's odd how many users have this problem and the status is "Won't Fix".

I have the same problem with a relatively new hp notebook with 2 monitors connected via a USB-C  dock, Windows 10 and Firefox 70.0.1. The only way I can switch back the monitor is to disconnect the USB-C cable and reconnect it again. Afterwards both monitors work again, and the web player too.


How can Spotify refuse to fix a core functionality problem with its app that multiple paying customers have encountered for multiple years? What kind of customer service have I been paying for. I am going to look elsewhere for streaming, might even give my money to Apple.... this is ridiculous

Casual Listener

😂 "Won't fix"

The incompetence is real 


So this is still very much an issue and "will not fix" just isn't cutting it. Tidal, iTunes <insert competitor> doesn't have this problem and I would imagine it is in Spotify's interest to investigate this further.


Hi @Peter,  you originally attended this issue. Could you help us looking into this resolution status?