When I start the web player one of my monitors shuts off/loses connection







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Windows 10


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 How can I prevent my monitor from shutting off when I start the web player?

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I am using Win10 on Dell Latitude with Thunderbolt docking station, 2 monitors connected via DisplayPort ports.

Every time I start playback (or move to next song), one or both screens go black and new DisplayPort topology change is detected. This is hugely annoying.

Happens on Chrome, Mozilla and the Spotify windows app as well. Same for Tidal btw.

Out of true desperation I tried Microsoft Edge and Spotify web player won't even load there.

BUT, Tidal seems to work fine! 😉 I will update if things break there as well.

So, I believe if Spotify player will somehow load on Edge, it will work as well. Maybe.



Adding my voice to the chorus here. Using a Lveno Thinkbook on a docking station. Black screen when opening Spotify Web browser and then again when hitting play. EVERY.TIME.  Let's get on this Spotify.



I have to join this discussion. 

We see the problem on a latitude of computers and brands, although it seems predominant on laptops. I've never seen anything like this with any other application.


This is an issue with Spotify and so, telling everyone that it can't be solved from their end is truly lacking commitment to their end users.


This is indeed an issue that occurs only when using the Spotify web player. Incredibly annoying, and something Spotify should take seriously.

I for one use Spotify much less due to this issue.


It is not limited to Spotify. It also happens with web players for Netflix and Amazon Prime also. Stumbled across this thread after this also happened for me on a shopping site! Seems to be related to Webkit browsers - as it happens with Opera browser, too. On Firefox it will flicker, but regains signal. 


DELL XPS 15 with 2 external monitors using Display Port via Thunderbolt hub.


Quick remedy is to hit ALT+F4 (close current application).




How could a company not fix this?  Any company that develops the Spotify player into a web page causes every Windows user to have a screen go out/blink like snow on an analog television set (unless we code around it - which sucks).


This needs to be fixed--we see it as a MAJOR flaw, and causes user havoc.  Huge problem every day this goes on - terrible.


I had the same problem which I solved by switching video cables.

Before the main monitor was connected with a cheap DP cable from Amazon. After switching the DP cable with another cheap cable from Amazon (but this time HDMI) I don't seem to have the flickering issue anymore.


Very strange because even my Nvidia Control Panel said that both monitors (and thus also the DP cable) were HDCP compatible.

Give it a try and see if that fixes it.




This is horrible. Issue has been here for at least two years, and still no fix??


I will cancel my membership.


And yes, this issue is problematic in work office, where multiple screens are deployed...