When I start the web player one of my monitors shuts off/loses connection







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Windows 10


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 How can I prevent my monitor from shutting off when I start the web player?

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Windows 10, three monitors running off a GeForce 1080 ti; primary monitor is a 4K screen connected via HDMI, one other is a SyncMaster connected via DVI, the third is a Huion tablet connected via HDMI.

Whenever I launch a Spotify Web Player tab in Chrome the 4K display shuts down, Windows stops recognizing it altogether and tries to move everything over, but both remaining displays just go on the fritz and spaz out.

I've since just avoided launching the SWP. Videocard craziness seemed pretty bad. 


Providing some more detail to add to everyone else's stories:

I used to have the issue where it flashed the screen once every time I skipped a track or selected a new playlist.

As of today, however, Spotify web player is completely unusable. It flashes now every five seconds disconnecting and then reconnecting the two Dell 2007 Monitors that are connected to my laptop.

If I close the web app it stops. If I load it again (including restating the browser) the problem starts back up and the app is completely unresponsive.

Below are the stats for my computer.

I'm running on Chrome version Version 72.0.3626.119 (Official Build) (64-bit)

System 1.PNG

Status changed to: Under investigation

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Thanks for all the info you've provided so far. The right team is still looking into this. In the meantime, we'd like to ask you try something. Log out from your account on the Web Player, and let us know if the issue with the monitor persists when you visit the Web Player again.


If you haven't already, make sure to click +VOTE. We'll let you know as soon as we've got any updates.


I have already tried that (and also i login manually everyday) and the
issue continues. But this only happens with Google Chrome. At the moment i
use firefox to open the web-player


Same issue, on dual monitors, updated chrome. When I log out I can obviously not play music but my monitors stabilize. I also can kinda play music in a stable manner when I unplug my phone from the USB (was using it to charge). But definitely a spotify web player issue.


 I'm having the same issue with monitors temporarily shutting off and then continuously flickering. HP Elitebook connected to monitors via a docking station. Windows 10. Chrome.


I tried opening the web player while signed out and the problem went away, although of course I wasn't able to stream anything then.


After a few months still having the same issue and still no hotfix. Why am I paying Spotify Premium every month if you can't fix it after a X months?


I tried it in Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Explorer, Google Chrome and same issue:



If you need more information, please tell me.

And yea, I am connected via notebook-dock and I am using company's proxy.


Thank you for any help and fixes.


Logged out and back in. As soon as I hit the button "Log in with Facebook" the screens started flimmer again.

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Commenting here as requested by @Guido.

Ever since I got an HP Elitebook, opening Spotify in Chrome causes thick black bars to flicker across one of the two monitors that I have connected to my laptop. It's always my primary monitor, it doesn't matter if I move Spotify to the other monitor. This makes Spotify completely unusuable. Not only is the monitor flickering, but the rest of the computer starts slowing down and "catching" every time the flickering happens, if that makes sense.

I have tried switching out monitors, logging in and out of the Spotify web player, opening the web player in incognito mode, and updating Chrome - nothing seems to fix the problem. Are you guys any closer to figuring out a solution?


This monitor-dropout is happening with more than just Spotify now; I was trying to watch TSN (sports channel) and it would drop out my primary monitor the way it was happening when I launched the Spotify Web Player.  Not sure who the streaming provider for TSN is or if there's any link between the two, but this is a new development I wanted to share because it's not just Spotify who is being affected/causing the issues now. 


What's the commonality between our problems?  I have three monitors set up.