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Today I noticed that I can no longer search or sort in my playlists. Usually I could just scroll to the top and then a bit more to access this but it's completely gone. It's currently sorted for latest added and it's impossible to sort through over a thousands songs for a specific one I want to listen to.


Hey all,


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We are reporting that there have been some changes in how to preform searches within a playlist. You can access the search bar by going to the three-dot menu.


If you have feedback or would like to see this changed, feel free to post in the Ideas Exchange.


Thanks for your understanding. Have a nice day.


This is a completely unjustified change. The overflow menu now has 11 items in it! Combined with the lack of icons, this list is now massive and extremely hard to parse for human eyes. The center alignment of the text doesn't help either. The inconcistency in behavior with the auto generated playlists (discover weekly) is also bonkers.


wth IS THIS SPOTIFY. Please fire your UX/UI designer(S)...... 


PLEASE change this back. This was my absolute favorite feature.
As mentioned, it is far too time consuming for how common of a feature it was. There is still plenty of room up top.


F***********ck this change. Not only there's extra steps, I also just don't want to "find" something on my playlist. I also want to filter them, so shuffle can play through the same artist.  


All, please vote for this idea in the Ideas Exchange as the comments here won't have as much weight. The change was a deliberate (and awful) decision. Hopefully enough votes will get them to change it back.

This is easily the stupidest change Spotify has ever made, and I don't understand why they ruined something that wasn't broken. Sorting and filtering now takes so many more steps--I really don't understand the justification for removing this.

Needless to say, I currently looking into switching to Tidal or Deezer or whatever else is out there. I'm just tired of Spotify**bleep**!


This A/B testing excuse is pretty much the go-to response when they remove a feature. Odd that despite the complaints these useful features never actually get re-implemented.


How exactly do they get feedback from these "tests" because a) all users are forced to use the crappy alternative and b) they never listen to feedback, as evidenced by their response to this post.


Hey guys! Found this active Idea to bring back search/filter. 

Make sure to click +VOTE in the thread. The more votes that the idea garners, the more likely it is that Spotify will consider implementing it in future.


That only answers half the question. I was also wondering how I am to sort my music. It is very odd that there is no sort by ability as this was a feature I used a lot. Would it be possible to have that button re-added as otherwise it is nearly impossible to find your preferred song/album/artist/playlist unless you search or look at every entry in the area you are looking. Also, why is playlists the only area you can't scroll down to search. Since search can still be found in the top menu, was this the design to make it harder to search inside playlists or did the feature just not get added? This would solve an argument between my brother and I, if someone knew the reason.


They left it for Iphone and ruined the Android one... please fix it.