Why are song titles in japanese

So most of the songs in my playlists have been translated to japanese, though they’re all mostly english and norwegian songs. I was recently hacked, don’t know if that’s why it’s this way, but I can’t seem to get rid of it. It’s not a huge problem, but it sure is annoying.. Anyone know how fix it?F3A1C32D-5517-46F3-900C-6BFD2C7D0AE7.png


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We really appreciate all your reports regarding this issue.


Please keep in mind that we upload track information as we receive it. Once we receive updated info on a track's metadata, we'll make sure that any changes will be reflected on our side as soon as possible.



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My account was set in US and the "Country" option in my account settings is US too, but why some titles of classical music are showed in Japanese or contain Japanese?

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First of all, can you provide me with the type of device you're using ?



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Same problem here. First time I saw this is more than a year ago. Happens from time to time. Usually the entire album is in Japanese when I tap on a Japanese song and choose to view the album.

The attached sreenshots shows my latest discover weekly and screenshots of the albums from which the songs are played.

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I just noticed that when I play the Japanese titled songs from Journey and W.E.T on Chromecast, it shows the titles in English.


I use windows 10 and iPhone iOS 12

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I'd recommend a clean reintstall of your Spotify App as suggested on this help guide.


Let me know if it helped =)


Same thing in every possible spotify client: Android, Windows, Linux and web.

I now realized that there are multiple versions of such albums, provided by different records corporations. One of them appear in Japanese, the other in English.


Isn't there any way to filter out the Japanese versions out of non-Japanese speaker's line of sight? I want to know what I'm listening to (which is recommended by weekly discovery list).




So, rather than being an issue with Spotify, it's possible it's an issue downstream? If these artists or labels are using Tunecore or CDBaby, it could be a problem there? 


Entirely theory, but if one of these services has been doing any work in the Japanese market, and have **bleep** up their own album/track naming conventions, and Spotify just does as it's told, it could come from there? 


As for the issue itself, I've noticed it for months now. As the underlying metadata is the same, it's not affected searches or anything - just looks a bit odd when the track is playing. Particularly on that high quality flagship product, the Xbox player ;-) 

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I've been seeing more and more of this in Spotify for Windows, and I'm just curious as to if anyone else sees this, or if maybe I have a corrupt installation? Spotify works without a hitch, but I'm curious about these song/album titles and what's causing this. 

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Windows 7


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Hi there,


I passed this information to the Spotify Team and I will let you know when I get an answer!


Thanks for your patience, have a great day :)