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Windows 10 HiDPI: Blurry font in some places, sharp in others

Some parts of the Spotify Windows 10 client UI has a very nice, satisfyingly sharp font.

Other parts of the UI has a blurry font that routinely kills puppies.


Example: In the social feed (right side of the client), every other "post" has a sharp font, while the rest are blurry - first post is always sharp, second post is always blurry, third post is sharp, and so on.

Please see the attached screenshot called blurry-social-feed.png - Zoom in and compare the letter "G" in the song title of the first and second item.


The playlist is also blurry, but in a different way:

The header, header image, and header text are all perfectly crisp. However, all the song titles, artist names, etc are blurry. Please see the attached screenshot called blurry-playlist.png


These are my main pain points, as the rest of the UI is reasonably sharp. Please have a look at fixing these, as they seem to be fixable - some parts of the UI are already sharp!


Client version:

Display: Dell P2715Q (3840 x 2160)


Status changed to: Not An Issue

Hey @besez! Thanks for bringing this up to our attention.


Did this start happening after the most recent update? Also, are there any steps we could follow to try to replicate it on our end?


Let us know if reinstalling the app helps. Just follow these steps.


Hi @Laura


It's been this way for a long time. I have already tried reinstalling the app.


The fonts look perfectly crips on Mac OSX, but on Windows 10 HiDPI (4k resolution) it's blurry in some places.


The only steps required is to run the spotify desktop app on a 4k HiDPI monitor like the Dell P2715Q in native resolution.


Thanks for the info.


We've passed this along to the right team to have it investigated, as we were unable to replicate it on our end.


We'll keep you posted.

Status changed to: Not An Issue

Hi @Laura, I just remembered that I use "default display scaling" which is 1.5x for my display, hope that information helps.


Hey @besez,


Thank for reporting this to us.


We’ve passed the info onto our Tech folks. Please keep an eye out for updates to the app.


If you ever need us again, we'll be just one step away from you.

Status changed to: Not An Issue

To anyone finding this thread:


I finally figured out the issue -


When switching the resolution of the display, e.g. when going into a game that has another resolution than the desktop, and then switching back, sometimes the Spotify window will lose it's nice HiDPI look and go into a crappy state. Restarting the app helps.


There is probably nothing Spotify can do about this, this is a MS Windows issue.