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Windows 10 mobile constant reload

Status: Closed

Device: windows 10 mobile, including latest update.


Operating System Version: version 10


Spotify Version:  5.1.5529, latest update available from the windows store.



The windows mobile app keeps reloading.

phone with full 3G reception as well as connection to wireless.

The streaming and download quality is set to normal.


To reproduce:

  1. Test streamed a youtube movie in HD with no problem. to make sure connectivity and bandwidth is ok.

  2. Shut down all apps.

  3. start spotify, choose a song,

  4. it plays for 3-5 seconds stops and the reload text is showed.

  5. Reload text goes away and the song never resumes.

  6. Choosing another song, same procedure ...

  7. If the app is left alone it keeps reloading, waiting 3-5 seconds and reloading.

  8. This even happens if you switch over to settings etc.


Switch off wireless and 3G and listen only to offline songs. Reconnecting to wireless or 3G restarts the loop. 


Additional information:

 I have uninstalled, restarted, installed, restarted and the problem doesn't go away.

Have tried with only 3G, only wireless no luck.

It is as if it gets stuck in a loop or if packets are lost and it reloads, fails and keeps reloading.

Restaring the phone and trying again doesn't help.

Bluetooth enabled or disabled doesn't change the situation.

I am happy to provide logs or a capture a movie of the phone if needed. 


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Status changed to: Closed