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Windows Desktop App Blank Screen

AS the title says, since the 2nd/3rd September the spotify desktop app is dead, each time I load it up I get a useless blank screen, can't log in/out, play music I can't do anything other than exit it, zoom in and out and turn hardware acceleration on and off, tried loads of different suggestions from the community forums but nothing works for me, dealt with the support on twitter and their no help either, time to cancel my subscription atfer 7years of premium membership.

Hey folks, 


Thanks for bearing with us. We can confirm this has now been fixed by our tech team. The latest version of Spotify should resolve this for anyone still having trouble.


If anyone's still affected by this, after reinstalling the app, we'd recommend creating a new thread for further investigation. 



Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey @Chrissykes78,


Thanks for reaching out. 


We can confirm that the tech team are looking into this. As soon as we hear back from them, we'll post an update here. 


Thanks for bearing with us!






after much messing around and other users doing the same, the issue is that if you use a roaming windows profile and the uers appdata foldler is stored on a network location the application fails to completely load up and you get the blank screen, if I move the spotify folder to any local drive on a machine it works perfectly fine, I've been using roaming profiles on my network for a good number of years along with spotify with out issue until this month, so I can only guess something has changed with in the spotify desktop application for it to not work now, I hope this helps in finding the issue, the other way to avoid this for everyone is to allow the user to pick the location where spotify can be installed, or defaulting it to program files ?, I can't take all the credit for finding a work around another user on the community called Chris21 found this.


Hey @Chrissykes78,


Thanks for posting this workaround! We're still in talks with the devs for a solution, so stay tuned. We've also passed this on to them.




I really can't take the credit for the work around that really is down to user Chris21, hope it get's fixed quickly.


Hmmmm interesting even though I'm using a roaming profile(stored on the network), I've got spotify moved to D:\spotify, when I look at the advance settings and at the offilne song storeage it's pointing to to the location on C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Appdata\Local\Sporify\Storage, now due to me using a roaming profile I'd expect offline files to be stored at \\myserver\sharename\%USERNAME%\Appdata\Local\Sporify\Storage, I can only think that this is the same for every file location in the application rather than using a wildcard to location where the appdata is stored, spotify are expecting everyone to have it located in C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Appdata\Local\Sporify, were are the developers up to now ?




can you please provide an update, surely by now there must be a resolution, I wouldn't be bothered if I wasn't paying for the service but I am.




yes i think so


Amazing a new spotify version released and it's still not working, seriously what are spotify playing at ?, come on spotify staff reply


I also downloaded the new version and then it worked for like 30 minutes. But after that same problem... black window.

Agree with Chrissykes78. You really should reply ASAP... 


Hey folks,


Thank you for keeping us in the loop.

We're sorry to hear that this is still happening.


We're continuing to report back to the right teams, and we hope to have some more news for you soon!


In the meantime, we's recommend doube-checking you've tried the steps below:


  • Restart your device using safe mode 
  • Deactivate any firewalls/antivirus software that might be interfering with things
  • Try things out over a different network
  • Try heading to C:\Users*user name*\AppData\Roaming\Spotify\locales\, delete the "" or "ru.pak" folder, and restart the app 


We appreciate you bearing with us.

All the best,