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Windows Desktop App Blank Screen

AS the title says, since the 2nd/3rd September the spotify desktop app is dead, each time I load it up I get a useless blank screen, can't log in/out, play music I can't do anything other than exit it, zoom in and out and turn hardware acceleration on and off, tried loads of different suggestions from the community forums but nothing works for me, dealt with the support on twitter and their no help either, time to cancel my subscription atfer 7years of premium membership.

Hey folks, 


Thanks for bearing with us. We can confirm this has now been fixed by our tech team. The latest version of Spotify should resolve this for anyone still having trouble.


If anyone's still affected by this, after reinstalling the app, we'd recommend creating a new thread for further investigation. 






1. It worked when I restartet using safe mode. But no option for me to continue using safe mode

2. Did not work

3. Did not work

4. Did not work


Hope to here from you soon.


Carl Z




Have you even bothered to ready all the posts ?,

 your suggestions are just ridiculous and the lack of communication is ridiculous too,

·         Restart your device using safe mode -- to start I'm running a domain network environment with roaming profiles this means my user profile is stored on my fileserver not the local machine -safe mode disables the likes of network plus other services and additional software plus devices like oh yeah sound card - plus Spotify requires a internet connection and I question what will this suggestion achieve ?


·         Deactivate any firewalls/antivirus software that might be interfering with things -- again another stupid idea lets unprotect our computers.


·         Try things out over a different network -- how can I try a different network if the computer is joined to a domain I need it on the same network for domain authentication and then the ability to access my profile from a network location


·         Try heading to C:\Users*user name*\AppData\Roaming\Spotify\locales\, delete the "" or "ru.pak" folder, and restart the app -- again in the most recent posts if you'd have bothered to read them you'd of seen I'm using a roaming profile(stored on the network) plus I've already tried deleting these files and it won't work.



I've already explained that moving the installation to a local drive lets the application work perfectly file and that I noticed in the settings for offline Song Storage it points to C:\Users\%USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Spotify\Storage. It's been a month now since myself and other users have raised the issue on this community forum and Spotify have release a new version in that time with out a fix, lacking in updates in what's happening, surely we've told you what the problem is surely it's easy enough to replicate.


Yes I am kicking off but I'm sure you can understand I pay for premium subscription it's worked perfectly fine for many years up until the start of September 2017 in the same network environment I have now it's not, if Spotify can't demonstrate to me that they are really resolving this issue by the 16th October then I will be 100% cancelling my subscription sadly after about 8years of being a subscriber.


 I won't be chancing you again I'd like to see some customer service out of you.

@MelodyCan you explain where my last post on this thread has gone please ? deleting my post only cheeses me off even more.

What's taking so long to fix this? It's been over a month since I started having this same issue. There is something wrong with the application supporting UNC paths. You guys use change control right? It really should have been easy enough to either stop pushing the new update until it's fixed, or find which code was changed and figure out what's wrong. Now it's going to be harder to find the source of the problem because multiple updates with the same bug keep getting pushed out. If it isn't easy enough to do this, then PLEASE put in an option to disable automatic updates, because every time I launch the program I have to delete the Spotify updater file or if I forget, re-install the old version when it attempts to auto-update.


This is not acceptable for a paid service, we are not beta testers. The concept of the service is great, but lately every time an update is pushed something stops working, and unfortunately this time it's the entire program.


Looking forward to having this issue fixed.


Sorry for the confusion, @Chrissykes78. It looks like your post was mistakenly picked up by our spam filter. We've just undone the changes, and returned the post to the thread. 


We understand the frustration here, @Chrissykes78 and @jsmz83. We can assure you both that the tech team are aware of the issue, and working on a fix. Hopefully we'll have an update soon. 


We'll let you know here as soon as we do. Thanks for bearing with us.

Interesting @Chris because the twitter staff insisted my post wasn't removed and they could see everything I've posted, I'm sorry to be so critical but this has gone on far to long and Spotify have been well in my mind non existent on keeping us up to date, you need to stop releasing updates to the app fix this issue and then continue to roll out updates, I wouldn't mind if I wasn't paying for the service, surely there should be some testing done before each release comes out ?, I understand that there are many platforms that Spotify runs on but some testing must be done and then to leave us in limbo for so long is just poor customer services, I think if we were receiving regular updates on the progress I might feel like it is being looked in to rather than sweet fa, I don't think I'm asking to much here really.

I agree with @Chrissykes78 !! 

So here I am again asking Spotify for an update on this reported issue, another months payment collected from me but still no updates on the issue that's effecting many of us, I fine Spotify very rude and ignorant towards it's customers, so come on give us and UPDATE when this will be fixed, and have they even replicated the issue. Thanks from a very very cheese off customer

I have the same problem for more than a month now. I'm basically paying for a blank window.


Can we assist your development team in any way? Are there logfiles, event log entries? Any command line options to enable debug output?


I am a software developer myself. If i released a software that just fails to work without any hint why, and couldnt figure it out for months, i would seek another profession.


I'm just going to have to say that at this point, this seems like a lost cause. If it's too much work for Spotify to compare the code of the version that was working with the update that stopped working, what makes anyone think they'll get around to it now? There's probably been 10 updates since.


Fortunately, I think the issue can be "fixed" with a properly crafted script. Until someone begins to take this issue seriously, as it should be, I'll see if I can come up with a workaround.