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Wrapped 2018 Top 100 playlist missing


Hello! I've used Spotify for years and haven't had many issues. But I don't have a Your Top Songs 2018 playlist. I got Spotify Wrapped, and I listened to plenty of music this year; over 130,000 minutes worth. Is there a way to fix this? Thank you! 

Hey folks,


Thanks for bearing with us.


The team have been working to resolve this and a few of you should now be able to see the playlist in your ‘Made For You’ section on the app.


Unfortunately, it’s not been possible to correct this on every account. We’re taking on all feedback about this to ensure this doesn’t happen with Wrapped in the future.


Thanks again for the feedback, we appreciate it. Let us know if we can help with anything else.

Status changed to: Under investigation



We're receiving reports that for some users the Wrapped 2018 Top 100 playlist is missing. 


If you don't see the Wrapped 2018 playlist in the Made For You section, please hit +VOTE and leave a comment so we can keep track of how many users are affected. Here you'll also be able to track the issue and find out first about updates.


Thanks for your help!




Please fix this soon. My Top 100 playlist is also missing.


My Top 100 playlist is missing as well.


I haven't gotten my playlist either. It's just the tastebreakers one.


I have this problem, too. It said to leave a comment, but I'm not sure if any further info is needed.


No top 100 playlist here either, though I have Tastebreakers


I do not have "your top songs 2018" either.


I don't have my Your Top Songs 2018  playlist, but I have Tastebreakers 😞


Hi Folks , 


Follow this steps pls ;


* If you are using Spotify App in your computer ,

    - Log in

    - Go to '' Your Library '' Section on top left

    - Click '' Made for You ''

    - Scroll all the way down the page you are viewing 

    - You will see your top songs 2018 and Tastebreakers folders under the '' Even More '' title at the bottom left.

*** Your Spotifywrapped Result we all had one more playlist is called '' B-Side '' so this playlist is named as '' Tastebreakers in this page. It is next to your top songs folder. 

*** B-Side ( Tastebreakers ) List : Start 2019 by broadening your horizons. We've made you a playlist of songs from genres and artists you do not normally '' explore '' and we think you'll like it.


Have a great day.


Ekran Resmi 2018-12-13 17.11.04.pngEkran Resmi 2018-12-13 17.10.53.png





I don't have my playlist. All I have is: Zrzut ekranu (881).png